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Firstly when you consider environment how do you view it? What are your thoughts regarding it? Do you feel there is you and the environment? Or do you feel that you and the environment are one and the same? In the physical case, there is you, then there are the trees, mountains, rivers, ocean's and animals, just to name a few. This is how we view it generally. This is how we are educated. Even in terms of our body, there is me and my body. So there is me and everything else.

The brain likes junk food but the body over time fairs poorly and conditions arise such as obesity or diabetes. We weigh convenience over health and this is the same for environment.

Now I myself do it and I wonder why? I am writing this from a perspective of questioning, not making statements or judgments. We know certain things are bad for us but we continue to do it.

In the educational system you are told or given information daily. In this type of a system the objective is to follow what you are being told. You may question but it is within that system. Yet we are faced with challenges in our daily lives. In the current system there is very little dialogue about who we are, the factors of thinking, our conditioning, the environment. What we as human beings are doing in the world. What is our relationship to the world? What is relationship as a whole?

The lack of understanding about ourselves, relationships and the challenges we face are leading to an ideological lifestyle that invariably will bring about conflict within ourselves and as a consequence environment.

An ideological way of life puts us out of touch. Ideologies are relative to conditioning. This is relative to information which is relative to a certain place at a certain time. Everyday we have ideas and those ideas judge more ideas. We are consumed with what we think.

You are not separate from your body or environment although you may think you are. If you were, you would not breathe, you would not eat, you would not need the sun. You are not separate from the water you drink that makes up most of your physical being. Take a moment to go into this for yourself. Just understand ideals for what they are. Ideals are ideals they are neither good nor bad. Take a moment to look around. Take a moment to listen to you heart beat. Life, You and environment are one and the same, so take a moment to live and nurture life.

by Paul Hegarty
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