Tax Accountant Gone Astray, Found In Internet Marketing ClassTax Accountant Gone Astray, Found In Internet Marketing Class

It all started when it became necessary to , either learn eMarketing or pay someone, to perform Online marketing task for me.

Since my work was mostly seasonal, it was not a hard decision to learn more about eMarketing during the off season. And the fact that a few tax clients could increase their bottom line by selling products and, or services online, helped in the decision.

However, that was not the real reason to learn Internet marketing. I had spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars paying people to help me get more web visitors to my site. Because I did not completely understand eMarketing, I was at the mercy of Internet marketing companies, who promised great results.

Below is a summary of eMarketing Basics, from my online class:

Meta Tags

One of the first things I learned while in eMarketing classes, was about Meta Tags. (Many turnkey sites do not have meta tags) Meta Tags are HTML code which communicates with the mega search engines. In plain English, they provide a summary about the web page. They include the name of the page, a description of what the web page is about, and keywords.

Any error in the HTML of the meta tag would result in the search engine not being able to read the meta tags. For some search engines this could be a problem, for others, they don't really depend on the meta tags to determine the content or the value of the page.

Content and Keywords

Then there was that message in class that said: "content is king" - the more content, the better, but not without keywords. A certain keyword to content ratio must be met, in order to rank higher in the search engines.
I soon found that using two major keywords or phrases and two or three minor keywords, usually work best.

It was not very long before I stop targeting the home page for top positions and begin targeting niche content pages within the web site for high ranking. And this brings me to Domain Names.

Domain Names

The class made it for clear that " of ninch.htm" was almost as effective as having a domain name, with the niche keyword included within the domain name.

That's the same day I, realized why high priced domain names, were being bought and sold on the Internet like real estate.

Usually, when you own a domain name, which includes a popular keyword, your site will show up on the first page of the search engines, under that particular keyword. This is called FREE web traffic, and is the reason investors pay big bucks for certain domain names.

Good Neighborhood Links

Another extremely important factor in ranking high in the major search engines, is the number of links you have pointing to your site. It is sort of like a popularity contest. The more links you have coming in, the more popular your site is, the better your site will do in the search engines. (Link farms are not O.K.)

Not only the number of links coming in, but the neighborhood from which these links come from can make a big difference in your page rank. Just like in real estate, good neighborhoods linking to other good neighborhoods, (with similar content) rank higher than links from non similar content sites. And links coming from "authority sites" help a site to rank even higher. (Example of authority site: craigslist, backpage, us free classifieds, etc.)

A poor neighborhood might be considered casino or gambling sties. However, if you own a casino, adult or gambling site, than the definition of a good neighborhood may be reversed. (Adult Entertainment earns more, Online, than any other industry)

Social Bookmarking

In the past couple years, the number of links you have pointing to your site from social networking sites, has become an important part of the formula, to determine ranking. (This holds true for video also)
The more times a link to your site shows up on the social networking sites, the better for your site.

There are a number of ways to generate quality links from social networking sites. Any reputable eMarketing firm can help you with this.


Selecting incorrect keywords could result in a failed Online marketing campaign. Keywords are the foundation of your online marketing. The selection of your keywords, determines who your competitors will be.

Selecting the best keywords for your product or service, involves understanding how your potential customers think. What words would they use in the search engines, to find your product or service?

On my tax service web site, in the beginning, I used the keyword, "irs installment agreement" when I should have used "irs payment plan" Get the picture? The IRS uses the words: Installment Agreement, however, many consumers think of the words: payment plan!

You want to find out if your keywords are over used by your competitors? If so, you want to find a different set of keywords in which to build your site on.

The above mention Internet marketing techniques are just the basic rules for ranking higher in the search engines. (with selected keywords) There are more than thirty different factors, which make up the formula for determining the rank of a web page in the major search engines. (This does not include the secret categories that a couple of the big robots use)

For sure I will return back to the industry of taxes, however, my passion for eMarketing cannot be ignored, especially when results are so favorable.
by Sandy A. Ingram
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Sandy Ingram is a Tax Accountant under the name Cassandra Ingraham, in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She can be found at her tax web site for SEO, Website Design as well as past due tax returns and IRS Installment Agreements.  Sandy provides, one on one service, for search engine optimization for clients as well as a Copy Kat Web Design service.  For more information on a complete Copy Kat Web Design services or for optimization of your site, visit: Taxes Will Travel.Com
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