Aloe Vera Juice: Top 10 Health BenefitsAloe Vera Juice: Top 10 Health Benefits

Aloe vera is widely known for its amazing healing capability on burns, sunburn and a variety of other skin problems. It has been commonly used in past generations and particular passages in the Bible mention aloe vera as a widely used herb for its medicinal properties in that time.

But aloe has other significant uses that are widely accepted nowadays. It has become a favourite component in many nutritional formulas and medicinal preparations. Aloe is generally accepted as a versatile health component since it contains a lot of beneficial nutrients - vitamins, minerals and amino acids that nourish and heal the body inside and out.

Here are 10 specific reasons why you should use aloe vera juice:

1. Internal Cleansing or Detoxification

Aloe is highly effective in flushing out harmful toxins that that build up our body. Preserved food products, environmental toxins and stress can cause damaging effects, so it is necessary to cleanse the body regularly. Aloe contains natural elements that assist in ridding the body of harmful toxins to keep it in its finest condition.

2. Improved Immunity and Resistance to Disease

Aloe vera is packed with anti-oxidants that boost and enhance the human immune system. These natural immune enhancers combat free radicals that expose the body to all sorts of illness and disease. Aloe vera juice effectively furnishes the body with all the needed anti-oxidants to improve resistance and prevent disease.

3. Better Digestion and Absorption

Vital to good health and total wellness is maintaining a healthy digestive system. Aloe vera aids in regulating digestion by performing natural detoxifying functions. It helps the body eliminate harmful elements so it can better absorb healthy nutrients from the food that we eat. This results in a healthier bloodstream, bowel regularity and improved digestive functions. Aloe has also been shown to reduce heartburn and other digestive disturbances.

4. Minimised Inflammatory Conditions

Aloe vera users swear by its superb effects at reducing inflammatory states such as muscle stiffness and painful joints. Aloe vera juice contains 12 components that help reduce inflammation without any side-effects.

5. Weight Control and Improved Energy

Because it has natural detoxifying properties, aloe vera juice aids proper digestion and waste elimination. It allows increased energy as it aids in the nutritional absorption process and enhances better weight control and management.

6. Complete Daily Vitamin & Mineral Requirements

Aloe vera gel contains the complete daily requirements for vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, Folic Acid and Niacin. Since the body can't retain most of these vitamins, daily replenishment is necessary.

7. Skin Health and Repair

Skin renews itself every 4 weeks. Collagen and elastin are critically important skin proteins: collagen is responsible for the structural support; and elastin for the skin resilience. Aloe vera provides the building blocks for skin repair and is necessary against skin ageing.

8. Rich Supply of Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, the body needs. There are 8 essential amino acids which the body can't produce, so it needs to get these from somewhere else. Aloe vera contains 7 essential amino acids that are known to enhance protein building and absorption.

9. Oral Health and Hygiene

Aloe vera is available in a toothgel preparation that has natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial abilities. It has been found effective against mouth ulcers and bleeding gums. Aloe toothgel also contains vitamins and minerals that healthy teeth and gums.

10. Complete Food Replacement

Rather than simply providing additional nutrition to the body, aloe vera juice is considered a food type. As such, its nutrients are more readily absorbed and utilised than most other nutritional supplements.
by Lisa Gylsen
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Lisa Gylsen has worked in the health and nutrition field for the past 15 years. She has helped hundreds of people to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. She runs her online business and own healthy lifestyle from the idyllic island of Mauritius. For more information please visit:
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