How To Sell Your Home Faster Than The CompetitionHow To Sell Your Home Faster Than The Competition

Today's real estate market has become tricky to navigate. Many homeowners have said to themselves "I have to sell my house". You may need to sell fast due to foreclosure, job relocation, or loss of income. Or you may want to sell your house fast because you are ready to move on. Whatever your reason for selling, you don't want to wait that long and need to sell your house fast.

So, how can you sell your house fast? Here are three tips.

The first tip is to price your house below the competition. Today's real estate market is a buyer's market in many areas. That means buyers have a choice of many homes. There are many homes that are in excellent condition and priced low so they sell quickly. Because there are nice homes available at low prices, if your home needs any work, it will likely sit on the market if you don't price it aggressively. If you are the highest price, the buyers will not even come see your house. You need to let buyers know that your house is a good deal.

The second tip is to make sure your home is in tip top shape. That means all the clutter has been removed from the house. Don't shove things in the closets or garage, put it in a self storage facility while you are selling your house (you're going to have to pack it up anyway). You want buyers to see how much space is available for storage and they can't see that if you've filled it up with your stuff. Touch up the paint, have the carpets professionally cleaned, landscape the yard, and keep the house clean. A clean house will sell much faster than a "lived in" house. Make sure you get rid of any odors such as food, pet, and smoke.

The third tip is to consider seller financing. Seller financing means you will carry the note for the buyer. There are many ways to do this so make sure you get assistance from a professional who understands seller financing. This works extremely well if you own your home free & clear and want a good return on your money. The buyer will make a monthly payment to you instead of the bank, which means you can get a higher interest rate on your money than if you were to put it in a CD. You can also sell your home for a lower price because you will make up the difference in the interest payments you receive over time. This also allows you to sell your house fast because you don't have to wait for a bank to process a loan. You can also consider a lease/option. This means they will lease the house, with the right (option) to buy it in the future at a price that is set today.

Imagine if you do all three things, your house will sell much faster than the competition. Your job is to make sure the buyers know that you are offering them a chance to own a great house.
by Heather Dunlop
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