How To Avoid The How To Avoid The "Fat Tax" On Overweight Travellers

In 2002, a Swansean woman was awarded £13,000 as settlement for injuries caused by an obese passenger on an 11-hour flight from Heathrow to Los Angeles. Barbara Hewson suffered torn leg muscles and hematoma on her chest after being "crushed" by an obese passenger seated next to her.

The passenger was too large to get into her economy-class seat without raising the armrest and rolling into the adjacent seat. Her huge arms, elbows and legs pressed on Hewson's legs and chest. The effect was so bad throughout the 11-hour flight that she was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital in a wheelchair and injected with painkillers. Damage was extensive on the buttock muscles and sciatic nerves of her legs. Close to two years after the incident, she was still experiencing some pain and walked with a cane.

This is just one of the many stories of unpleasant experiences due to overweight passengers. The U.S.-based United Airlines received 700 complaints about overweight passengers in a single year alone, pushing it to create a new policy to charge larger passengers for two seats.

The debate over the legitimacy of a "fat tax" imposed on overweight passengers has caused a lot of stir in the US, where one in three people is clinically obese. The policy has caused some outrage among pressure groups, but when you put down the numbers it all makes sense. A 747 aircraft for example, seats 467 passengers. America's obese are at 30.6% of the population. That's roughly 143 passengers per fully-booked commercial flight. Granting that each of thm weighed 50 pounds heavier, that's about 3.25 tons more weight to carry!

The obesity problem is no longer restricted in America, with the United Kingdom coming in third worldwide. Half of all its adults are heavier than the recommended weight, 2 in 5 are overweight, and 23 percent on the obesity level.

The figures have become so alarming and people should realize that if only they can begin to lose 10% of their current weight, they will feel a whole lot better and are less likely to get sick from obesity related diseases.

The difficulty usually stems from not knowing how to start to lose weight effectively. Most people jump into fad diets not knowing that doing so will simply result to a yoyo effect while dieting. What one needs to do to start off losing weight effectively is to condition the body by first getting rid of toxins and harmful elements that slow down the weight loss process. This can be done by undergoing a cleansing or detox.

One such comprehensive detox programme is the Clean 9 nutritional cleansing, an extensive detox process specifically designed to eliminate harmful chemicals and toxins from the body. As it cleanses and purifies, Clean 9 subsequently improves metabolism and digestion, thereby encouraging positive weight loss results.

A Clean 9 detox regimen just takes 9 days and consists of a variety of natural products designed to eliminate toxins. It also refurbishes the body with nutritional supplements containing such well-known natural elements as aloe vera and bee pollen. Clean 9 is a good and reliable detox package designed to jump start your quest for long-term weight loss. Clean 9 will definitely put you on the path to optimum total wellness.
by Lisa Gylsen
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I'm British American currently living in Mauritius. My husband and I have been in the natural health and personal growth field for over 25 years. We've helped hundreds of people lose weight and increase their health & vitality with natural products. We now run our online business from home so we can spend time swimming and surfing with our daughter, when we're not helping people lose weight!
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