Network Marketers: Kindness Is Not WeaknessNetwork Marketers: Kindness Is Not Weakness

If you believe that kindness is the same thing as weakness in the business world, then you have missed the boat on the whole point of social media network marketing. It was that desire for interaction that drove the advancement of Facebook, Twitter and other social media venues. It's pretty simple; you keep interacting with people you think are nice, interesting and informative.

Attraction Marketing

You may point out that I advocate using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for lead generation. How does that work? I learned from Mike Dillard, the King of MLM network marketing that it all begins with Attraction Marketing. The goal is to have people search for you and your MLM opportunity instead of you searching for them. As Mike Dillard has said; "Be the hunted not the hunter."

The standard definition of attraction marketing is the idea that you attract people to you rather than you chasing after them. This is the opposite of traditional "old school" marketing, where you sell a product or present your MLM opportunity at the time you approach others. The attraction marketing concept is that you brand yourself as a leader and people will contact you about your products, services and MLM opportunity you offer.

Obviously, it sounds impressive, but how do you do it? Mike Dillard explains. Experts are the go-to people. That is why you need to brand yourself as an expert in the network marketing industry. When you brand yourself an industry expert, you will get a following. As this following grows, all these people will become interested in other things from you and you will be perfectly set to make an amazing amount of money.

The Role of Kindness

Here is a quote from Plato that says it all: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." It is true that life is hard. Which means that just about everyone you talk to - from your employees and partners to customers and shareholders, from prospects and strangers to neighbors and friends - most are likely to be having a challenging day for one reason or another. Today's troubled economy makes it even more likely today than before.

You may be thinking, I have my own business or I'm an entrepreneur, so why is it important for me to know others are fighting a hard battle? The answer is simply this: if you want people to do business with you they must like and trust you but to gain that connection you need to understand others' challenges and treat them with kindness and respect.

Think about the last "hard battle" kind of day you had. Did anyone treat you with a little extra kindness that day? Did anyone sense something was not quite right in your world and attempt to make your day a little better? Did anyone express thanks for your service or maybe give you a smile that lifted your spirits? Remember how this made you feel - Think of how it lightened your load, put a little bounce back in your step or helped you face the next challenge of your day.

Killing people with kindness is still one of the greatest business strategies ever created. Again, it doesn't matter if it is an employee or customer - showing a little extra kindness can make all the difference in a relationship. Plato clearly understood what the challenges of the 21st century would be - so never underestimate the power of a little bit of kindness.

Kindness - especially when someone is facing a tough challenge or hard battle can lead to truly committed partners, loyal employees and life-time customers. When these relationships are forming over the internet, it is difficult to know what those battles may be for the person you are interacting with, just make that assumption that they have something. You will be someone people want to know when they can see you are a nice person just by what you say in a Facebook entry, a tweet or a YouTube video.
by Randy J Myers
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