Essential Function Of Domain Parking ProgramsEssential Function Of Domain Parking Programs

Integral Keywords Need Editing
There seems to be a consensus of opinion that to put up independent mini-sites around the Web is in violation of Adsense' TOS. The debate rages as to why domain parking programs can get around the TOS yet independent domain owners are penalised. Clearly, there is not going to be any agreement soon, but the argument goes something like this: some domain owners feel they are not getting maximum traffic because integral keywords in their parked domains are not reflected in the keywords of their headings. Domain owners want to be able to edit these sites themselves in order to correct this.

Optimising Domain Titles
Now, the world of the Domainers seems to be a particularly interesting one, where there are regulations that none of the rest of us have ever even heard of. I daresay there is something in it but, the closed world of the Domainer is not that easy to break into. Basically, a lot of the controversy appears to centre around the few really 'big boys' when it comes to domain parking programs. While there is an inordinate number of domain parking services online to choose from, the really big players can be practically counted on one hand - and definitely counted on two! The question is that Domainers want to optimise their titles through the application of tags in appropriate places. So, what happens if you spend a lot of time optimising all your title pages and the search engines altered their algorithms?

Creating Customised Pages
In theory, at least, it should be possible for you to edit your domain name as a keyword and to put in a little effort, putting together a lucid and interesting page that specifically targets the keywords you want to highlight - without having to resort to domain parking programs. Whilst most Domainers agree that editing your own mini-site is probably a far better option that domain parking programs. Nevertheless, this takes time - and, if you have upwards of 100 domain names, you can imagine exactly how long the actual admin would take in creating a good site that attracts sufficient visitors to get a sustained click-through rate. There is also, of course, the little matter of search engines avoiding websites that are overloaded with keywords.

Domain parking programs are Essential
Most Domainers make an income from having a large number of domains residing on domain parking programs - some of the more affluent Domainers could have thousands of domain names. To put together a mini-site of some quality would take hours of research and writing. Leaving aside the quantity of time this would all take, there are still the Terms of Service that need to be adhered to. Undeveloped websites and single-page mini-sites are not permitted according to Adsense and Google has been known to apply penalties to domains that are parked independently: domain parking services manage to avoid any such corollary due to their bulk affiliation with Adsense. Domainers with large numbers of domain names simply cannot afford to fall foul of Adsense TOS so they have little choice but to adhere to domain parking programs and being unable to edit their parked domain site for appropriate keywords.
by Tony Shapiro
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