Crying Baby - Why Is The Baby Crying?Crying Baby - Why Is The Baby Crying?

If you have children, you have probably heard the question or asked it yourself. "Why is the baby crying?" The answer to that question might be very simple and easy to answer or it could be much more difficult. Having small children already, you surely know about 'baby troubleshooting'. Is Junior wet or hungry? Maybe he just wants some attention. Sometimes it is hard to tell why the little one is crying. Facial expressions tell Mom and Dad a lot too. Do you see pain on your infant's face?

Children cry for a variety of reasons which includes hunger, anger, fear of being left alone, childhood anxiety, teething problems besides fever, headache and sickness, as well. We as adults can do something about these issues and maybe tell our near and dear ones, who in turn will arrange medical help, but very frequently, the baby can be given a solution that may be useful to quickly calm the child's discomfort downwards, in order to stop it from crying.

Babies express emotions in much the same way that adults do, although their displays are somewhat more intense. They don't know any other way to convey what they feel other than by smiling and laughing or crying. Of course it's upsetting to us as parents; especially first time parents when our babies cry and we just can't seem to figure out why. We've changed Junior's diaper, tried to give him something to drink or eat, cuddled and played with him but he's still fussy. Ok, now what? My personal experience is the process of elimination diaper change, feeding, burping( Big one here- needs to release stomach gas), teething, holding & rocking.

Maybe the little guy isn't feeling well. A good idea would be to check for an elevated temperature. Babies tend to have a slightly higher body temperature than older children and adults do. If your baby is running a higher temperature than 100 degrees, it might be a good idea to contact your child's Pediatrician and make arrangements for an examination soon. Before you do that though, here's some food for thought.

How old is your baby? Is he or could he possibly be starting to teethe? When babies teethe, they generally tend to run a slight temperature occasionally, which also leads to additional discomfort.

If you discover that your baby is teething, there are a few things you can do to effectively minimize his unhappiness. Along with cuddling and verbal soothing, try a soft plastic toy that is filled with distilled water. Place it in the freezer for awhile and then let baby suck on it.

He'll love the soothing feeling of the cold against his sore irritated gums. Children's pain medication is also effective but be sure to read and closely follow the outlined directions for your child's age on the package. Locally applied gel and cream medications, such as Anbisol temporarily and only slightly numb the gums to help relieve some of your baby's pain and anxiety.

Rocking - A majority of the crying children love to be cared for held physically, also known as Stroking by the world famous child psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Harris, who says in his book "I am OK You are OK" that all babies who are born in human or animal families need to be stroked regularly and pampered, so that the baby develops a feeling of security and safety when its most vulnerable.

Michael O'Reilly
by Michael O'Reilly
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