How To Avoid Side Effects From Fish Oil Supplement?How To Avoid Side Effects From Fish Oil Supplement?

The benefits of taking fish oil supplements are through out the world. The supplements contains actually the omega 3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acids (EPA) and these essential fatty acids help to reduce the many diseases like they reduce the risk of heart and the cardiovascular diseases, they also promote the immunity and body resistance power. However there are several side effects of these fish oil-supplements.

Common side effects

The most common side effects of the fish-oil-supplements include the fishy odor on the breath, greasy stool and the upset stomach. The serious side effects can be in the form of increase in LDL cholesterol which is the form of harmful cholesterol. Higher doses of these supplements may also cause the weight gain. And these may also decrease the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K from the stomach. Even these fish-oil-supplements may increase the blood sugar level if you have the diabetes.

Some other common side effects of the fish oil supplements are as follows:

1. While taking the oil-supplements there the digestion issues is the great complaint of the people. The fish oil may include a wide range of the side effects and the discomforts like diarrhea, acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, abdominal pain and a fishy after taste.

2. There may also be the possibilities of the occasional nosebleeds and easy bruising as well.

3. Some important things are to remember that these fish oils thin and blood. You must be aware while using the supplements if you are already taking the blood thinners like aspirin.

4. These fish oils also reduce the triglyceride levels.

5. Over a long period of the time, the intake of the large amount of fish-oils also increase the risk of mild bleeding that results in the nosebleeds and bruising.

How to avoid these side effects?

If you are going to take these fish-oil supplements, you should use these few things that are recommended to help you to avoid these issues

• You should always take the fish-oil-supplements with a meal. This helps to eliminate burping, the fishy after taste and also help them digest better.

• You should start by possibly the lowest dose as you may start by taking only one capsule a day. Therefore your body gets used to digesting these fish-oils and then you should increase slowly to the amount what you desire to take every day.

• You must choose a capsule form of the oil supplements and should always try to avoid liquid forms. Because liquid hits the body system all at once and goes to make it harder to digest quickly.

• This important thing must be noticed that not all the supplements are equal. Therefore buying the fish oil supplement of better quality may also be supposed to help you from the most possible side effects of these fish oils.

• Because each company puts their own suggestions as to how much these fish-oil supplements you should take. The extended dose may increase the risk for the bleeding problems.
by Paul Stephen
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Quick Recap Tips to Avoid Side Effects from Fish oil supplement are: •Always take the Fish oil supplement with a meal. •Start by the lowest dose. •Choose a capsule form either liquid form. •Keep an eye on content should take and quality.
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