Useful First Aid Tips To Treat Minor Sports Injuries For ChildrenUseful First Aid Tips To Treat Minor Sports Injuries For Children

Sports is part of life and every person, in his or her childhood days, need to take up some sort of sports activities to ensure better growth and vital strength to the bones and muscles at the tender age. It is common that children or adults engaged in sports activities do meet with injuries every now and then as part of their sports activity. As a parent or a well-wisher of the children, it is the responsibility to ensure that adequate attention is paid to the sports related injuries and required first aid and medical treatment is given for the injuries.

When children are around, who are playful and mischievous, it is essential that either the mother or the father, or both of them, should have adequate knowledge about first aid and preferably taken up a first aid training course conducted by a reputable institution like Red Cross. This will help you overcome the problems of sports related injuries to the children.

The common injuries that sports persons might contract include:

•Jammed finger
•Heat exhaustion, and

Many of the common injuries can be attended to immediately and does not warrant a visit to the doctor or admission to the hospital, provided the symptoms are not serious. It is here that the first aid training comes to the rescue of the parents.

Bruises: If the child has some bruises in any part of the body, other than the eye, as a result of some rough contact, you should immediately wrap the affected portion with an ice pack wrapped in a band. Leave it at that state for about ten minutes, which will ensure that swelling does not take place and also paves for faster healing of the bruises.

Minor injuries like scrapes, sprains, or jammed finger also need not be a cause of worry. The first aid to be administered in such cases is applying ice pack to arrest swelling and complete rest for some time till the child feels comfortable and want to start the game once again. If persistent pain exists, then it is advisable to consult the doctor.

The most important that parents should realize is that they should not panic, when seeing their children get injured. This panic will delay the administering of first aid and as such invite more problems. A first aid training course and certification will give you the additional confidence to meet the unexpected emergencies.

Many simple accidents such as cuts, burns, bruises, common cold, dehydration and such other things can be effectively treated with first aid treatments without resorting to a rush to the doctor or request for 911 services. Knowledge of first aid as well as effective administration of the same will not only help us in times of necessity, but also makes life an pleasurable and enjoyable one filled with confidence.

Prevention is better than cure - is an old adage - but a gold one in that it gives the freedom from cure. A first aid training course will do a world of good for having this atmosphere and confidence in yourself and expression of love and affection to your family members.
by Rocky Barter
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Rocky is a part-time teacher and part-time trainer at his local gym. You can find more about Rocky in his personal MMA Pound for Pound blog where he shares his MMA thoughts.
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