Finding The Ideal Web Hosting CompanyFinding The Ideal Web Hosting Company

Depending on the type of website that you own and your purpose of maintaining a presence online; your hosting needs may differ significantly from that of another website owner. While some webmasters revel in the simplicity of their sites, others may have to choose a complicated approach.

Know your Requirements:
The first step of choosing an ideal web hosting company for your website is to analyse your requirements and preferences. To begin with, you need to decide if your website is going to be used as a blog (or will feature one), a forum or if it's going to be used for other business purposes such as online selling. Once you are clear about the type of services and features that you are going to need, choosing a web hosting provider will be a breeze.

The Cost:
The second constraint, but certainly not the least, is your budget. There are several free and cheap web hosting service providers; each offering a wide array of services across different price ranges so it's imperative to have a clear understanding of how much you want to spend. Even though the free web hosting plans may look attractive at first glance; upon close scrutiny, you will find that they have several limitations, so such services are not recommended unless you just want to create a rudimentary landing page or a personal website. One of the most vexing issues that you may have to face with a free service provider is that of pesky advertisements that will greatly slow down your site and look unprofessional on a business website.

Even though, you should certainly look for affordable prices, it is important to not compromise on quality.

Customer and Technical Support:
Even if you are a tech savvy person and keep yourself abreast of all web designing developments; there will be situations when you may get stuck and this is when a good technical support team will come in handy. Make sure that you check for customer complaints related to late or poor tech support about the hosting provider of your choice. It will get very aggravating if you encounter a problem with your site over the weekend and the support staff are not available till Monday. When you call customer or technical support your wait time should be minimal.

The availability of backups:
If you choose a hosting provider who does not offer the ability to back up your site, you may run into trouble; so if your existing hosting company does not offer this facility, it might be worth considering moving over to a new host. It is truly that important; backups should be done daily to ensure the safety of your data.

A representative for Google recently stated that the search engine giant may consider including webpage loading speed in their algorithm for search engine ranking. Besides, it can be very frustrating for your visitors if your web page takes several minutes to load. So choose a company that offers adequate bandwidth for the expected number of visitors to your site. Also ensure that the plan is flexible and you can purchase additional bandwidth as your website grows.

Even though it is normal to see most web hosting providers tout their 99.99% uptime; some of them are being less than honest when they make such claims. It is recommended that you look for complaints on uptime issues about the hosting provider before purchasing a plan.

The Space:
Finally, you should be able to anticipate the disk space that you will need; also ensure that the hosting provider will offer additional space if and when you need it.
by Derek Rogers
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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer living in the UK. He regularly contributes articles for 111WebHost, an industry leading Web Hosting Company.
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