Policy Changes With Google Domain ParkingPolicy Changes With Google Domain Parking

A Change in Policy

A report came to my attention recently. This report was published on 11th December 2008 and intimated that Google would now begin to encourage Adsense publishers to use Google domain parking rather than alternative domain parking companies. Prior to this domain parking with Google was not possible unless the total of your page views is in excess of 750,000. At one time, in fact, Google completely distanced itself from domain parking altogether. Clearly, this major swing-around in policy must be due to them recognizing a potentially untapped market that could eventually prove quite lucrative to Google.

Moreover, you couldn't slide in through the back door either, by putting your own mini-site together and just running Google Adsense from it. According to Adsense TOS, you can't make a single-page website of your own, put adsense on this domain and then point any other domains you may have at this single page website. Google doesn't allow this kind of thing and, if you do go ahead and attempt to do this, at some point Google Adsense will terminate you.

Is This the Best Option

Google domain parking will probably not be the cash cow you imagine it might be. In fact, by parking direct with Google you are likely to see your earnings go down as you, a single individual will not be in the position many of the domain parking companies are in, whereby they can negotiate the highest possible revenue shares with Google due to the amount of traffic being generated by them. Google certainly hasn't made it simple for the single domain parker. Whereas the domain parking companies tend to take care of name servers for all your domains, if you decide to lodge with Google domain parking, not only are you going to have to create an A record for each of your domains individually, but you must also CNAME each one yourself. It's hardly worth your time and effort - especially if you have a large number of domains.


There are also other limitations with Google domain parking - such as not being able to edit the layout or any advertisement pictures, nor are you able to customize the text. The only way that you can set up your approved domain on the system is by using the Google single click template. After that, you get into the realms of content feed as opposed to search feed: it would appear that only content feed can be used on the front page unless you specifically type in a search term.

New Advertising Program

A variant on the CPC concept, although with various major differences, has been tested by Google. The program is based on Cost Per Action or CPA - now one of the options provided by Google AdWords. The variant is that, with CPA, the visitor needs to either complete a form or buy a product as a result of the visit to advertisers' websites. When one of these specific actions is made then the advertiser has to pay for the click. If the click is void and the visitor fails to make these required actions, then the advertiser need pay nothing. The jury is still out on whether this is going to benefit the domain owners with many domains registered with Google.
by Tony Shapiro
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