Bulk Email Marketing Software With OutlookBulk Email Marketing Software With Outlook

When you send an email message to many people (multiple recipients) in Outlook, Outlook shows the names and email addresses of all recipients in the heading of every email. Frequently, most of SPAM filters will block the email message with multiple recipients' email addresses. And anyone of the recipients will see other recipients' information, all of your recipients' names and email addresses will be leaked out without any protections. Will you have to manually send the email to the different recipients again and again?!!!

Bulk email programs (since they're usually just add-ins) work directly in Outlook so you don't need to open up any additional programs. Such resourcefulness is a treat to your computer's memory and means not only an easier time for you, but better overall performance. These mail sender programs also offer a high speed in terms of performance; it's a feature that is easy to appreciate when you're emailing, for example, the personnel of an entire company or everyone in the Pacific Northwest with an interest in birdhouses. Although a good mail merger will also present you with the option to sending only so many emails per minute in order to avoid overloading your ISP.

Keep in mind as well that good bulk email add-ins for Outlook will offer a high level of versatility. Multiple formats of email messages should be supported; the three most common are html, rtf, and plain text. Attachments should also be supported. Making sure your add-in has these features will guarantee that your newfangled ability to mass email is not ironically impeded upon by restrictions on what that email can look like and include. It's similarly worth verifying in advance that the add-in supports addressing an unlimited number of recipients, regardless of how large or small your expected audience is. Again, this prevents you from being held back and, more importantly, demonstrates a commitment by the software's developers to high standards and the latest developments.

It's also common courtesy for the Outlook email add-in to be able to create a follow-up report after the completion of any task, large or small. This report should inform you of whom the email was and was not successfully sent to. As a follow-up, the add-in should be capable of permanently deleting the sent emails so there aren't duplicates clogging up your mail folder. It's equally courteous for the program to be equipped with a feature that alerts you, before email is officially sent, whether any field has been left blank. This way, if you accidentally forget to enter in a subject, you will not look foolish in front of your clients, subscribers, or friends.

On the subject of courtesy, it's also worth noting that these bulk email programs, because of the fact that they're really sending every addressee a personalized copy, aren't privy to the leak of information that most mailing list emails are. When they receive your email, all your contacts will see in the "To" (and cc, bcc fields, if applicable) field is their own name and email address--nobody else's.

This way of sending multiple emails, then, allows you not only the comfort of knowing your message has arrived safe and unaltered, but also provides your recipients with a similar comfort in knowing that their personal information has remained secure.
by Jim Stone
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Jim Stone is an expert on Office Software and Database Software. Click to learn more about Email Marketing Software with Outlook.
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