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There are many different ESL study methods and just as there are many ways to study, there is an equal amount if not more types of people who study in a certain manner. In order to be able to focus on helping your ESL student achieve the highest possible results, you first have to determine the manner in which they study so that you can focus on teaching them in that manner which suits them best.

There is basically 4 different types of students and knowing what types your students are can help you to become a better ESL teacher. For starters you have the Concrete Learners. This type of student prefers learning through the utilization of aides like music, movies as well as games. Furthermore, they also prefer working in pairs or teams as opposed to being solo.

You then have the Analytical Learners who prefer learning through a highly structuralized method which will consist of text books and properly prepared curriculums including verbal linguistic activities as well as the ability to be self-corrective.

The Communicative Learners are the types of students who would prefer actively participating in things like role-playing and other simulations. These simulations should be of real world situations like shopping and the like.

Finally you have the Authority Oriented students who are usually overly anal and take notes of every little word that comes out of your mouth. These kind of learners prefer detailed explanations of each and every aspect of the curriculum.

Regardless of the type of learner that your students are, it is important to take a moment to determine which type they are. This way you can build a more individualized course for each of them as a means of increasing their retention of the English language as well as their proficiency. As an ESL teacher, it is your responsibility to make very possible attempt to make sure that your students leave your class well informed about the English language and more willing to use it openly in their everyday conversations.

While there are many great tools which can help you tech ESL easier as well as increase the retention of the lessons, the best and most proven techniques by far is that teaching ESL through music, games and even movies. Movies are a fun way of teaching ESL to a student and can really get them involved with the entire concept.

Music is a fun and exciting way for one to teach English as a second language. One of the biggest examples of this concept can be seen in various Asian countries who have such a desire to learn English that the karaoke machine was born. There is not a single street corner you could go to in some countries where you will not hear the sounds of one signing in a karaoke machine.

Above all, it is important that you make the class fun and enjoyable seeing as though regardless of the type of learner, having fun will always result in the class being more exciting and makes your students want to learn more even if they do not realize as much. Games, music and movies will always help your students reach for the stars and come away from each and every single class more educated on the use of the English language in a more proficient manner.
by John Harley
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For more information and resources on learning ESL English, join the forums at ESL Discussion Forums This article was written by John Harley of ESL Jobs, the leading online job portal for English Language Teaching Jobs.
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