Is There Sense In Using Google Domain Parking?Is There Sense In Using Google Domain Parking?

Google Adsense for Domains

Is Google Adsense for Domains everything it first appears to be - or, are you getting bamboozled somewhere along the line? It seems that, despite your hopes of attracting revenue from Google domain parking, various reports suggest the chances are pretty slim. Why, I hear you ask? There is a certain parked domain that is owned by a company that goes by the name of - otherwise known as Domain Sponsor: more commonly seen as being This single site attracts as much as 72% of all the clicks associated with one particular direct match keyword. So, if that keyword is one you are relying on - forget it! You have less than 30% chance of making any money from it!

Arbitrage 1.0 Interface

Basically, with we are getting into the realms of long-tail keywords: basically, this domain is heavily involved in the arbitrage 1.0 operation and is one of the largest. It bids cheaply on long tail search keywords then picks up related terms that are semantically related although not specifically the required search item. then converts these cheaply acquired long tail keywords by organising clicks onto advertisements specifically targeted to general search terms at the higher end of the click values. This is not on - after all, where does that leave the smaller punters? Is all fair in love and war - and internet marketing?

Avoid the Networks

So, what can be done in the name of the ordinary, everyday domain owner who utilises Google domain parking? Well, you could try completely turning off the Search network or, if that is not an option for one reason or another, try splitting your campaigns up into Google and Non-Google: the former with normal bids and the latter with only lower bids. This will, effectively, keep you out of the top five and reduce the likelihood of getting targeted. You could, of course, fight back and make a request to Google to block the culprits - and Basically, unless you have more money than sense, I wouldn't run ads on either the search networks or the content networks - there's no real need.

PPC Traffic

Bear in mind that the best PPC traffic comes from MSN: this converts better than any other traffic. Needless to say, MSN do not seek partners for their network and, unbeknown to many users, Google can offer you a similar service to that you would get with MSN but, what they don't tell you is that you have to opt-in.


There is nothing complex about the concept of Google domain parking: instead of parking the domain name you have just registered with one of the main alternative domain parking sites, choose Google instead as the platform from which to park your domain. Google will then design a temporary site for you, consisting solely of advertisements - all of which will be semantically linked to the keywords associated with your domain name. As a result of Google domain parking, you as well as Google will reap the financial benefits.
by Tony Shapiro
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