The Role Of Metal Detectors In SchoolsThe Role Of Metal Detectors In Schools

Schools have long been "weapon free zones," but they do not often have a way to ensure that this is true. Unfortunately, today's children and young adults have access to guns, knives, and other weapons, which can become a danger to themselves and to other students. There is no good reason or excuse to bring a weapon into the school building. With school violence on the rise, districts face tough decisions on how to stop violent situations before they occur, making the need for metal detectors higher now than it has ever been.

Students certainly have the right to feel secure in school, but there is only one way to make sure that weapons are not being let inside: metal detectors. To stop all types of school violence, of course, it is necessary to get to the root of the problem, although metal detectors can go a long way towards stopping violence in schools. By detecting guns or knives in pockets and backpacks, a metal detector can make the school building a weapon-free area.

Across the country, school officials are making the hard choice to install metal detectors in schools to keep weapons out. Once walk-through metal detectors are installed, all students and visitors must pass through the detectors before being allowed to enter the school building. Although some schools install permanent, walk-through metal detectors, many find this option cost prohibitive; the costs can be millions of dollars for a single school district.

Other districts are choosing handheld metal detectors, which can be used selectively but require security personnel to wave the wand across each person being screened. These metal detectors are often an important part of security procedures in government buildings, airports, and other buildings, in addition to thousands of schools worldwide. There are many kinds of handheld metal detectors to suit the specific security needs of a school setting. Hand-held body scanners are sensitive enough to detect even the smallest weapon hidden by clothing.

Once metal detectors have been purchased, decisions must be made about how to implement them into the school day. Will every student be searched every day, or will searches be random or on specific days when the threat of violence seems higher?

Instead of dealing with incidents as they occur, a metal detector allows schools to screen out the tools of violence before they get into the school building in the first place. Not only do metal detectors in school provide a way to stop violence before it happens, but they also provide a visual deterrent. The presence of metal detectors makes would-be criminals much less likely to even attempt to bring weapons into the school. The addition of visible security features such as these makes all students feel more secure throughout the school day.

It is up to school administrators to make their schools a safer place to learn. Metal detectors have become a common sight as schools attempt to stop violence. These metal detectors play a significant role in catching weapons and helping students feel safer in the classroom.
by Richard Armen
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