Qualities Of An ESL English TeacherQualities Of An ESL English Teacher

Every teacher in the world prefers the idealism that their students should like them. This is for a number of reasons but most importantly, a student who likes their teacher is more productive and eager to learn. When it comes to teaching ESL students, while there is a goal of having qualities that your students like, there is also the simple fact that at some point in time you will have to make a decision in which the student will not like. The only goal is that hopefully your good qualities outweigh the decision and therefore the student can stay on a productive learning track.

One of the most important qualities of being a good ESL teacher is that no matter what happens irregardless of regular teaching or even having to make a decision that your students may or may not like is that you do it in a professional, confident and pleasing manner. It is so important that arrogance is left out of the classroom. Everyone that is in the class already knows that when it comes to English you know more, or you would not be teaching it to them. The last thing any student wants is for a teacher to be arrogant about the concept.

Above all, you must also be fully prepared for class. No student wants to walk into class and see their teacher fumbling through books and notes in an attempt to throw a class together at the last moment. Preparation is the key, this can help increase the student's confidence in knowing that you understand exactly what you are doing.

Punctuality is important in a quality that all ESL teachers should have. One only has a set amount of time each and every day to sit in your class and learn English. The last thing that the student wants to do is to have to sit around and wait 10 or 15 minutes for you to arrive. Being late is no good for any teacher and there is absolutely no acceptable excuse that you could possibly make. Most students voluntarily go to an ESL class and therefore are already in the position to learn, but when you take away those precious 10 or 15 minutes from them, chances are that you are also taking away their willingness to learn the English language.

Of course no one can over emphasize the importance of being kind and courteous in the classroom to all of the students equally and never allow a single student to become a "teacher's petEas this too will interfere with the learning of the other students who may cry favoritism.

In conclusion an ESL teacher is a respected position with a lot of students looking up to this position as they strive towards improving their English skills. The job of an English teacher should be taken seriously and should only be entered into with a suitable education background and a desire to help others in their dream to improve their communication skills in English.
by John Harley
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