Intranet Software - A Quick Way To Get Your Entire Company On BoardIntranet Software - A Quick Way To Get Your Entire Company On Board

Tired of miscommunication and disorganization in your enterprise?

Intranet software allows you to create a private, secure computer network where your team members can share documents, ideas, project reports and more in real time. Imagine being able to fence off a piece of the World Wide Web for your company only, and using that fenced off network to store documents, talk to one another and share on line task lists and projects instantaneously.

Intranet Software Features include:

* Document Management - Intranet solutions allow you to store, manage, organize and revise documents in an on line workspace.

* Team Communication Tools - Web conferencing, audio conferencing, discussion threads, forums and comment threads make sure your team members are talking and collaborating. There is no "I" in Team!

* Task management - Intranet software offers online calendars, task lists, project milestones and time tracking.

* Microblogging tools - Intranet software solutions include Twitter-like status updates that keep team members informed.

What to Expect After You Set Up Your Intranet -

1. Higher work productivity - Less time wasted, more time spent collaborating and getting things done since all data is accessible in seconds.

2. Smaller bills - Intranets reduce travel expenses, paper costs and phone bills. If you don't want lower bills, do not set up an Intranet.

3. Stronger company infrastructure - Team members who communicate work better and faster together.

4. Less time wasted training new employees - Getting new team members on board doesn't have to be a time sucker. Upload employee manuals, policies and benefits documents on line for them to learn on their own.

5. Neater offices - On line document management means less printing, desk clutter and trash. Unless you like having an office like this-

6. Smarter decision making - Having a common corporate culture and increased knowledge means your workers will make better, more informed decisions.

A Few Things to Look for in your Intranet Software

* Make sure it's a SaaS (Software as a Service) based solution. You don't need to worry about setting up expensive servers, hardware, hiring IT staff and paying upgrade fees.

* Make sure it's affordable. Certain Intranet solutions overcharge for inexplicably complex software that complicate, rather than simplify, team communication. Find an intranet solution that provides robust, user-friendly services that don't cost a fortune to set up and maintain.

* Make sure it's user-friendly. Not all members of your company are tech-saavy, but the point of setting up an Intranet is to enhance corporate culture for EVERYONE. Get an Intranet solution that everyone will want to use. You'd be surprised at how many employees with complicated Intranets simply decide to ignore them altogether.

* Get a customizable solution. You and your team will be looking at and using this Intranet every single day - make sure you can customize the branding, colors, layout and wiki applications to your company's own look & feel.

Stop making your team members jump through hoops to complete simple tasks and projects. Get an intranet software and give your entire team the communication, document management and task management tools they need today!
by Grace Kang
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Grace Kang is a SEO and marketing copywriter for Central Desktop, an Intranet Software and an Online Project Management solution for business teams.
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