Help Speed Up My Slow ComputerHelp Speed Up My Slow Computer

You have probably come to expect a certain level of performance from your computer. Thinking back to when you first purchased your computer months or years ago, it is likely that you remember it performing faster than it does now. It started up faster and response time between command and response was much quicker. Even your hard drive seemed to work more smoothly than it does now, loading and saving files more quickly.

Well, you are not alone. In fact, most people notice a significant decline in their computer's performance over time. In some cases, things can become particularly frustrating when the computer occasionally freezes completely, requiring a reboot to get you moving again. This type of forced power down/power up cycle can result in the instantaneous loss of important data that had not yet been saved. And, it is just plain time-consuming and frustrating.

The reasons for this declining performance in your computer are many. Here are some of the typical performance problems most people encounter, as well as their common causes:

1. Taking too long to launch:
One of the most annoying computer performance problems is that of a very slow launch (or startup) after power-on. You may have noticed that when you first bought it, your computer seemed to launch in a minute or less, but now it takes 2, 3 or more minutes to fully launch and be ready for use.

A common cause of slow computer launch is having too many applications automatically launching in the background. You see, over time, most people tend to load more and more applications onto their computers. Many of these applications are set to automatically launch at startup. The result: it take longer for things to get going, since your computer has to load all of those applications before it gets started. This entire process is largely invisible and so hard to detect without knowing exactly what to look for.

2. Delays, or lag time, in reactions to common commands:
Just like an aging athlete who is not as quick on his or her feet as when they were in their prime, a computer's response or reaction times can slow with time. For example, you may notice an almost imperceptible lag time after you move your mouse or type a character with your keyboard. If you are a fast typist or handy with your mouse, these little delays can add up to a big annoyance when you are trying to get something done in a speedy manner.

Such delays can be due, in part, to having outdated hardware that is under-powered in terms of handling your favorite applications. Over time, newer applications (programs) require more memory and processing power in order to run. And, they also require more out of your hard drive in order to load or save changes to files.

3. Unexpected freezing or power-down:
Computer freezing problems can be traced to number of factors, including having under-powered hardware or running too many applications at once (see above). More commonly, however, this problem is typically the result of tiny glitches in your computer. These glitches are usually due to one of three causes:

a. viruses or other "malware" having infected your computer, slowing down performance and even causing damage to your data

b. spyware having infected your computer. Like viruses, spyware is software that sneaks onto your computer from unsafe websites or other media. Spyware sends information about you and your activities to outside parties.

c. your computer's registry needs fixing. Your system registry can be thought of as the brain of your computer. It exists at a level more fundamental than your operating system. A healthy registry manages your computer wisely and efficiently. But, over time, tiny errors can be introduced into your registry, causing things to not work the same way that they used to.

To bring your computer's performance back to stronger levels, test for each of the above-mentioned causes. But, before resorting to upgrading your hardware - which can get expensive rather quickly - try scanning for viruses and spyware. And, have a registry scan done to make sure your registry is error-free and working properly.
by Robbie T. James
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You can get a free registry system scan for your computer right now at:
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