How To Prepare Yourself For A Breast Augmentation SurgeryHow To Prepare Yourself For A Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a quick way for any woman to elevate her self confidence and her self esteem. By enlarging and firming her breasts, she will increase her sex appeal and enhance her body shape. Ask any woman who has breast implants, and they will all agree that breast augmentation surgery provides tremendous benefits in a woman's lifestyle.

Before you consider breast augmentation surgery for yourself, you must do your homework and learn about every aspect of the procedure. The more informed you make yourself, the better chance you will have for a successful procedure.

Your surgeon will provide you with recommendations for your post surgery recovery. You need to follow them. He or she will also prescribe two medications for you. The first will be a pain killer and it is obviously meant to make your recovery a little more comfortable. The second will be an antibiotic. The antibiotic is far more important than the pain killer. You must take it as prescribed for the duration of the prescription. The reason why the antibiotic is so important is because it will prevent the onset of an infection, which can lead to serious complications during your recovery.

Long before you actually enter the operating room, you should have quit smoking and severely cut back on your alcohol consumption. Smoking inhibits your circulation, lowers your skin elasticity, and dampens your immune system. Alcohol has the potential to cause complications during your surgery. For this reason, it's best to cut back on your drinking altogether for the last month or so before your surgery. If you can avoid alcohol consumption even longer before your actual surgery, that's even better. It goes without saying that you will not be able to smoke during your recovery, and you should avoid alcohol altogether as well while your body is healing.

Are you a few pounds overweight? If so, drop those unnecessary pounds! Excess weight can complicate a surgery in a number of ways. The leaner and healthier you can make your body prior to surgery, the less likely you are to experience any unforeseen complications.

Are you taking any prescription medications? How about any other the counter medications or supplements?

Aspirin should be avoided at all cost at least a few weeks prior to your surgery; it is a blood thinner and can cause unnecessary bleeding while you're on the operating table. While vitamin C is beneficial to take prior to surgery, vitamin E is usually not because it has blood thinning qualities that are similar to aspirin.

Regardless of what medications you are taking, or what supplements you have incorporated into your lifestyle, you need to inform your surgeon about everything you take! You should also talk with him or her about your diet. Your surgeon needs to know everything about your body. The more he or she knows, the more likely you will have a safe surgery as well as a speedy and full recovery.

Are you mentally prepared for the life changing effects you will experience from your surgery? Your surgeon and his or her staff can educate you on the potential positive and negative effects breast implants will have on your life.

Preparing for your breast augmentation surgery is easy. Women who prepare themselves both physically and emotionally for their surgery will have the greatest chance of surgical success.
by Julie Poel
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