The Painful Version Of The Child Custody ScenarioThe Painful Version Of The Child Custody Scenario

Divorce can only be defined as the roughest patch in anyone's life when life takes a 180-degree turn and there is only turmoil and chaos at that point. The situation worsens when there are children involved in the marital relationship and the primary question which arises is "Who takes care of the kids?" Even though, no body can take away the pain and misery suffered by two individuals who opt for divorce, but the Georgia Divorce and Family Law Attorneys could simplify the procedure for all the child custody disputes in the region of Georgia and Atlanta.

The Georgia child custody law works on the simplest terms by concluding that child custody should work in the 'best interests of the child'. Child custody procedure prolongs into long periods of time where care is taken to justify the capability of each of the parent to raise the child and the compatibility between the child and each parent. The case that ensues from divorce and then the subsequent child custody issues is not an easy one and having an expert Georgia Divorce lawyer to help you breeze through the matter is very much essential.

There can be different possibilities of child custody scenarios. The parents can choose to have a joint child custody which is further divided as joint legal custody and joint physical custody. While joint physical custody would just determine the amount of time spent by the child with each parent, joint legal custody would provide each of the parents to decide on the major decisions of the child's life. Also, there are probabilities of sole legal custody and sole physical custody and the type of custody the parent decides should be conveyed to the lawyer to gear the case through the right course.

The wishes of a child are taken into account only if the child is of a suitable age and is able to think rationally. According to Georgia child custody, the schedule to visit the child or spend time with the child is determined by each parent's schedules and work timings. The Georgia divorce and family law attorneys have a very clear idea about the expected course of events in a child custody case and always discuss all the possibilities with the clients well in advance to prepare the case as firmly and smoothly as possible.

Once the child custody case comes to an end, and the custody details have been understood and divided among the parents, any of the parent who has a permanent shift of address like moving out of the state or a change in the work schedule has to compulsorily approach the divorce lawyer to discuss the further course of action required to spend time with their child. The Atlanta child custody lawyers will be more than happy to help any parent in this regard and will submit a petition to the court determining the exact reason which has initiated to bring about the change in the child custody schedule. It is important to clearly advice your Georgia divorce lawyer well in advance so that he can help you in the maximum possible way to attain what you need.

Marriage is a hard road, and the hardest time is when two individuals decide to separate. The pain of the entire procedure cannot be minimized but someone as experienced as the Atlanta divorce and child custody lawyers would be more than happy to extend their hand of support to help you through this painful procedure and give you the correct rights for your child's custody.
by Rashmi Menon
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The author is interested in Atlanta Divorce and Child Custody Cases. In case of divorce and child custody issues, please contact Georgia Divorce Lawyers who have grave expertise on the subject and who would help you in every way possible to breeze through the divorce and child custody issues
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