Walking Music - Need Motivation? Step To The Beat!Walking Music - Need Motivation? Step To The Beat!

Walking is great exercise, but what do you do when your interest starts waning, or you find boredom setting in? And what do you do when your pace stars to slacken ten minutes into your walk?

Walking music is the answer! Most of us have experienced what a foot-tapping number does to our feet, or how a high-energy song can get you thinking about all your dance moves. Playing the right kind of music during a walk can not only help you stay motivated, but the beat can help you maintain the pace you desire. A good walking music beat ranges anything between 100 beats per minute (bpm) to 140 bpm. A casual walk does best with walking music set between 110 to 120 bpm, while a more strenuous pace could use 140 bpm or faster. As the beats progress, your feet get into the rhythm of keeping up with them, enabling you to keep the pace steady.

Pace apart, walking music can also keep out annoying noises in the environment - traffic, heavy machinery and so on and can be especially useful if you live in a noisy neighborhood. At the same time, the music should not be so loud as to drown out the sound of an approaching vehicle, or get your head pounding by the end of it.

Research has shown that people who listen to music while walking are able to go further and walk with more intensity than those who don't. Music seems to relax and distract their minds from the physical act of exercising, so that it doesn't feel like a chore, and they actually find pleasure in what they are doing.

There is no hard and fast rule about the kind of music you should listen to while walking.

Selecting the right kind of music really depends on what you like and what gets you motivated. So bring out the African drum beats or Brazilian salsa numbers for walking music - if that's what gets you going!

Be sure to prepare your selection of walking music beforehand. Make sure your music player has adequate songs to last you the entire walk. So if you're walking for an hour, you might need about 12-15 songs of 3 to 5 minute each. Nothing is more distracting than having the music abruptly go off during your walk. So make sure your batteries are charged, and that they will last you for the entire duration. Also take care not to distract other walkers by singing too loudly or shouting out the lyrics. Your kind of walking music may not always be their cup of tea.

Walking music can get you pumped and motivated. Get into the music and your body will slowly fall in line. Don't be distracted by the workout; instead, let the music guide you. As your pace gets aligned with the beat of the music, forget all other distractions and get deep into the act of walking purposefully. The 'shutting out' of external noise can even turn into an experience for you where you abandon all disturbing thoughts and concentrate on walking. This single-pointed focus is sure to make your walk more effective and deliver greater benefits to your body and mind.
by Lee Mellott
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