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It is very easy to identify a verb in English, since in their infinitive form they all have the word "to" in front of them. For example, 'to read', 'to speak', and 'to run'. Luckily if you in Spanish there is also an easy way to recognize the verbs. They all end in 'ar','er' or 'ir'.

In order to conjugate a regular verb in Spanish all you have to do is drop the endings (the before mentioned, 'ar','er' or 'ir') and then add the appropriate endings. The endings are based on two things.

The first is the subject of the sentence. The correlation of English subject and Spanish subjects are as follows. Keep in mind that in Spanish there are different ways to address people when you are speaking in a formal way and an informal way, and there are also differing ways to addressing men, women or groups. If there is a group with 1 man and 1000000 women, you still address them as a male group.


I --> yo
You(Informal/Singular) --> tu
You (Formal/Singular)--> usted
He --> él
She --> ella
We --> nosotos
Them (Masculine) --> ellos
Them (Feminine) --> ellas
You All --> ustedes

The second thing you need to do is simply drop the ending of the verb ('ar','er' or 'ir) to be left with the root. Once that is done you have to add the appropriate endings depending on what how the verb ended. Here are some examples for every type of Regular verb.


Examples: Amar(to love),estudiar (to study), hablar (to talk)

Conjugations (with Hablar):

Yo Hablo --> ending becomes an 'o'
Tu Hablas --> ending becomes an 'as'
Él/Ella/Usted Habla --> ending becomes an 'a'
Nosotros Hablamos --> ending becomes an 'amos'
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes Hablan --> ending becomes an 'an'


Examples: Aprender (to learn), correr (to run), vender (to sell)

Conjugations (with Aprender):

Yo Aprendo --> ending becomes an 'o'
Tu Aprendes --> ending becomes an 'es'
Él/Ella/Usted Aprende --> ending becomes an 'e'
Nosotros Aprendemos --> ending becomes an 'emos'
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes Aprenden --> ending becomes an 'en'


Examples: Abrir (to open), Escribir (to write), Vivir (to live)

Conjugations (with Hablar):

Yo Vivo --> ending becomes an 'o'
Tu Vives --> ending becomes an 'es'
Él/Ella/Usted Vive --> ending becomes an 'e'
Nosotros Vivimos --> ending becomes an 'emos'
Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes Viven --> ending becomes an 'en'

That's all there is to it. Now all you need to do to be able to use the regular Spanish verbs is to practice. How you do this depends on many things such as how much time you have, and how you prefer to learn. You can practice your Spanish verb conjuration by buying a workbook and going through the exercises, or if you have the time and money you can enroll in a Spanish immersion school in Mexico or Latin America. With the advent of the internet, nowadays, you can also sign up with a professional teacher online and chat with them using technology like Skype to practice your verbs.

Learning Spanish is just a matter of practice, and anybody anywhere can do it. Hasta la proxima.
by Laura Ramirez
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Laura Ramirez is the Academic Director of Spanish Lessons Online which is the leading provider of Skype Spanish lessons on the internet. All of the professional Spanish teachers in the Skype Spanish Lessons service are native Mexicans.
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