Buy Wholesale Designer Clothes From The Right WholesalersBuy Wholesale Designer Clothes From The Right Wholesalers

Being an eBay Powerseller can make you a ton of money fast, but it can also bring with it the continual headache and hassle of sourcing a good line of genuine, regular, well priced stock that will give you a great ROI (Return On Investment). If you are looking at selling Genuine Designer Clothes, the headaches and hassles can multiply drastically as every con man and scammer will tell you that they have that genuine source, only for them to take your money and be gone. However, if this is the niche for you, then you really need to school yourself in how to find genuine wholesale designer clothes.

Well firstly you need to understand and accept that most, not all, but most of the sites that are offering you 50 x polo shirts, 100 x trousers on a regular and constant basis are probably selling you counterfeit items. It is not that you cannot buy 50 of one item online from a source and that item be genuine, what you need to ask yourself is how are they regularly able to source that item? How can they regularly have 50 of the same item for sale? When most of the designer labels do not sell their items wholesale?

You cannot call up a label and ask for 50 shirts. They will doubtless laugh at you or tell you that they do not deal with individual traders. Why would they? It is not worth their while and between them, they have a pretty good deal going on. Their brands are well known. They are highly sought after and they command a good price retail.

So with that in mind, just how might that one time offer from a source online, selling you 50 shirts, turn out to be selling you genuine items? Well at the end of the season, some of the labels need to get rid of stock to make room on the rails for the latest seasons lines that they are bringing out. Some labels will destroy their left overs so that they do not end up in the off-price market. They do this simply to protect their label and to keep that exclusive air about their name. Think about it, if one of the hot labels suddenly had an influx of last seasons lines hit the off-price market, being sold at a greatly reduced price, then it would devalue their name and all that their high class name stands for - well that's part of their reasoning anyway. So they destroy them - handbags, dresses, ties, you name it, destroyed!

However some of them do not destroy last seasons items, they have traditional and well organised channels to discreetly dispose of their stock and this is where you might, occasionally be able to pick up 100 pieces of one item. But that, I stress, is not a regular supply.

Some labels even go as far as having discreet outlets and channels, kind of like factory shops or seconds, and they get rid of their excess stock this way. Again, how do you even find out where and when this stock is being sold? What if you live on one side of the world and your chosen brand has their factory shop on the other side of the world, can you phone them up and reserve a batch? Again no! You have to "fly and buy" and if you cannot afford the cash or the time to do that, again you miss out.

In essence the labels have a brand that they have worked hard at creating and publicising. They work equally as hard to protect that brand/name and looking at it from their point of view, who can blame them? It is their creativity, it is their talent and money and it is their product. However, that does not mean that there are not genuine items out there to be bought and sold and from which a great profit can be made selling on auctions such as Ebay, you just have to know where to look.
by Jay Juno
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I've been an Ebay Powerseller selling Genuine Designer Clothes for the past three years, now I blog at Salehoo reviewed I've been scammed and conned and lost thousands of dollars in my pursuit of a decent income for me and my family. Avoid the same pitfalls by using Salehoo to source your wholesale stock
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