Learning More About Metal DetectingLearning More About Metal Detecting

There is no doubt that you can actually gain profit from metal detecting, and at the same time, you may actually have fun while doing it. People from different parts of the world actually find this a great and rewarding hobby. Even if the device for metal detecting could actually be quite costly, still purchasing a model that is made of high quality materials would still be more beneficial compared to purchasing something that may cost less, but would easily break or get ruined. This particular hobby of metal detecting may actually seem as if you are going to get what you have paid for in the first place since purchasing a device that is quite costly would mean that it would be able to provide more technological features, and would certainly work well with any kind of situation.

It is interesting to know that there are actually three different kinds of technology that are being utilized for the different devices intended for detecting metals. One kind is called the beat frequency oscillation, and in this technology, there are two coils made of wire, and you would be able to see that the larger coil is on the part of the search coil of such device. As for the smaller coil, it can be found on the system control. Every coil has a connection directed to the oscillator, and this produces a certain pulse of a current. With this kind of current, it would then pass to the coils that generate the radio waves. After that, these radio waves are received by the said system control and through this kind of process, several kinds of tones are produced and these are dependent on the different radio waves.

If you intend to purchase a metal detector that utilizes this kind of technology, then you should take note that it would cost about $100. This kind of technology is considered to be very cheap to produce, and this is the easiest to produce as well. Because of this, such detectors may be priced at a very reasonable price. That is why, if you are on a budget, then it would definitely be more cost-effective if you would try to purchase this kind of device.

There is another kind of technology that is being used on such devices for metal detecting, and this is called Pulse Induction or PI. In this kind of technology, only a single coil is utilized or it is also possible that several coils are put together in order to transmit as well as to receive. Through the coil, electrical currents may be sent which in turn is able to cause the formation of magnetic field. Polarity is reversed when the current of electricity meets the end of a magnetic field, and a detector using this kind of technology is definitely very handy.

Another type of technology utilized by certain detectors is the kind wherein there is very low frequency. In this kind of detector, there are about two coils, one of which is considered as the transmitter, while the other is the receiver.
by John Schofield
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