Glitter Gifts- The Magic Of True GiftingGlitter Gifts- The Magic Of True Gifting

When I was only a little kid, I used to get very excited every time I was gifted nice little boxes wrapped in shiny glittering paper. I believed that it shined because the gift was soaked with love- love filled gifts that glittered. Ever since, all special gifts became glitter gifts to me!

Is there anyone in this whole wide world who wouldn't be excited in opening a huge gift box? I doubt so. 'It is the thought that counts'- We have often heard this being said about gifting where your sentiments in gifting is valued much more than the value of the gift. It is said that the giver of gift is blessed in proportion to the receiver's happiness on receiving the 'glitter gift'.

We all love to shower our friends and families with beautiful glitter gifts that speak volumes about what we feel for them. It depicts your relationship with them. Did it not delight you when your best friend squealed in joy on seeing the cute teddy you got for her on her birthday? Didn't your heart flutter when you saw happy tears in your mother's moisten eyes when you gifted her with the mother's day card?

Christmas is the sharing season where you get the huge load of shiny wrapped boxes from your near and dear ones. The time of the year when all kids impatiently wait to open the gift boxes kept under the Christmas tree, obviously gifted by their dear old Santa.

It has become such an ancient tradition that it is difficult to imagine a Christmas without any gifts. Afterall the three wise men too came with gifts to see Baby Jesus. The same applies for other occasions like Birthdays and other anniversaries where gifts are given to mark the milestones in their lives and happy occasions like Easter, New year and so on.

Gifts need not be expensive stuff. They could be something as simple as a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers to show what you feel for them. You simply don't need an occasion to gift the special people in your life.

Taking time to make a piece of craft, knitting a scarf or baking a batch of cookies would mean a lot to the receiver knowing how much time and effort you took in preparing it, which is indeed a true example of a glitter gift.
Some people believe that Christmas and other holidays are simply a part of commercialization where it is etched into people's heads that they must by gifts. If gifting is to give and take happiness there are other ways too.

Gifting need not be by spending money. It could be by simply giving your used clothes and blankets to a cold woman or donating your son's old toys to a deprived kid. Their innocent smiles of gratitude would surely shower you with blessing for your thoughtfulness. This is what you call a real glitter gift- a special gift filled with lots of love and care.
by Felix Lehmann
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