Hidden Grove Elementary Talent Show A Big Hit With Bumper StickersHidden Grove Elementary Talent Show A Big Hit With Bumper Stickers

This winter our school Hidden Grove Elementary decided to put on a fundraiser. We wanted to get the kids new musical instruments for the band and for private practice. But musical instruments can be expensive - we knew we would have to raise a lot of money. In this economy - holding a school fundraiser seems like a tough thing but families really do want to be involved.

We spent a little time thinking about what type of fundraiser to hold. It was important that we choose a fundraiser with minimal expenses and something that had families involved right from the beginning. With the popularity of American Idol and other talent TV shows, we decided a talent variety show would be an ideal choice. The kids and adults could compete to win trophies and we would have community leaders as judges. The entire school and community as a whole got very excited about the talent show fundraiser - so we knew we had a hit on our hands from the very start.

One of the biggest challenges you face with a fundraiser is getting the word out about it. It was important that we not only get the families involved but also to invite other members of the community to attend. Selling tickets was the top way we were making money. With a large auditorium we knew we could make a lot of ticket sales - if only many people could find out about the event. That's when we came up with the bumper sticker idea.

We ordered a bumper sticker announcing the Talent Show with the date, time and ticket price and a contact telephone number. Our bumper sticker was in our school colors, purple and yellow so people would instantly know it was for Hidden Grove Elementary. The bumper sticker started out as a success right away. Every teacher was given a stack of bumper stickers to give to children to bring home to parents. Soon we saw bumper stickers on every family car as they pulled up to pick up kids. The school office kept a stack of bumper stickers for visitors and other school staff members. Everyone working for the school put a bumper sticker on their car.

The bumper sticker became so popular in part because people realized it was a way to support the community. With bright colors it was easily seen. Our fonts were fun and eye catching. We had lots of choices when we selected designing our bumper sticker - which was ideal. So we think we really chose the best of the best. What was ideal was that we chose a bumper sticker that attracted so many people in the community and our school family.

The night of our Talent Show we opened to a full house! It was such a thrill to look out into that audience and to watch the kids and adults perform. Knowing that we were raising money for musical instruments the kids would enjoy was a wonderful feeling. And our bumper sticker was a great key to our success. We know we'll be using one for our annual Spring Carnival this April!
by Lawrence Reaves
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