10 Brain Games And Brain Teasers10 Brain Games And Brain Teasers

Scientific research points to undisputed proof that people who engage in brain training can increase memory capabilities while improving brain health through regular "exercise" sessions. The best method to keep the brain finely fit and well-tuned is to employ a variety of different challenging mental workouts. Here are some to consider that are easily accessed on the web and ones that you also know.

1. Brain Age 2

You'll need a Nintendo DS System to bring this great mental training program into your life. It contains a number of concentration, calculation, memory and skill improving brain games helping sharpen your mental abilities. These are challenging and fun. Plus, training your brain with Brain 2 is portable.

2. Lumosity.com

Here's a great website full of brain training resources. This is a membership site, but you can access a free 7-day trial to examine all it has to offer. You'll experience challenging brain exercises that with repeated use, will have you scoring higher.

3. PlayWithYourMind.com

Surf here to find more than a 100 puzzles, exercises and brain games that are all original and always fun. You will find a full array of different and challenging tests to improve your brain fitness and health.

4. Happy-Neuron.com

If you are looking to find brain-training resources broken down into categories, this is the site for you. Find activities and brain games in five areas: memory, visual/spatial, executive functions, language and attention. There is a $9.95 per month membership fee.

5. MyBrainTrainer.com

This particular site is analogous to going to the "gym" for a workout, but this is a brain workout "facility" that encourages its clientele to involve 10 minutes of brain exercising at least twice per week. Monthly "gym" fee is $9.95 and includes a recommended 21 day training program claiming to improve mental acuity.

6. Crosswords

Everyone knows Crossword puzzles. These are - next to pure math problems - classic brain trainers that access verbal language and memory skills tapping into individual knowledge possessed and employment of basic deductive reasoning powers. It may be quite challenging at first to many newcomers - frustrating as well - but stick with it.

7. Sudoku

As Crossword Puzzles are to language as Sudoku is to number remembering. Successfully completing a Sudoku game requires forward thinking while experiencing the consequences from chosen moves. You develop planning skills helping improve both concentration and short-term memory.

8. Braingle.com

This site claims it has the largest collection of brain teasers in the known cyber universe. Plus it is free providing more than 10,000 teasers, brain games and puzzles. An interesting feature for users is creating your own puzzles.

9. Queendom.com

This is an extremely addictive free site offering thousands of surveys and personality tests. There also is an extensive collection of brain exercising tools.

10. Brainbuilder.com

Surf here to find a collection of "cognitive" exercises through an online trainer that can also track your brain fitness progress using baseline testing and employing a recommended and comprehensive training program. There is a $7.95 per month memberships fee but you can gain a 7-day evaluation trial for free.
by Sean Harbison
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