Learn Affiliate Marketing - 5 Key Tips That Will Blow The Doors Off Your Day JobLearn Affiliate Marketing - 5 Key Tips That Will Blow The Doors Off Your Day Job

In order to learn affiliate marketing, the key thing to remember is...be flexible. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to go about it. What you need to look at is what gets results, and what doesn't. Many times, learning what doesn't work is just as important as what does, and this really comes back to my first tip you will need to follow to learn affiliate marketing.

1.) Make a choice - Choose a product to represent and then follow it through. Don't sign up for every affiliate program under the sun with visions of dollar signs in your head. It is very easy to go crazy and start signing up for every affiliate program out there. It really helps if you are interested in your product, as that will come through in everything you do...don't ask me how, but it just does.

You'll also be more likely to work with it if you have an interest in the product. Choosing a product only because its "hot" or it pays the highest commission is a mistake if you don't have an interest in what your doing other than making sales. Go with your gut, and make a choice. If it doesn't work, try another.

2.) Don't spend a fortune - For the beginner, the key is being profitable, not spending money. There are many ways to start making sales without spending a fortune on advertising. The good part is that today's Internet is chock full of tools that can really make beginning an affiliate marketing business a zero initial investment proposition.

Use these methods as a springboard to gain some initial success and experience. You can always ease into paid methods once you "earn your wings" and understand things better.

3.) Commit to a plan - Very little of the affiliate marketing game is truly difficult. However, it is also not an "income on auto-pilot" as many "gurus" would tell you. That may come later, but certainly not in the beginning. Even if you are working part time, you will need to consistently commit to your marketing efforts over time. When I say time, I don't mean 6 months or a year. I mean 6 weeks or two months. By then, the results will speak for themselves and you will want to keep going.

4.) Avoid the Mob - It's easy to fall into the "mob mentality" trap of following the "leaders". Try to avoid this if possible when beginning, because you are really going after the same "gold ring", so to speak, as everybody else.

There are millions of products, so don't chase the Clickbank hot sellers when you are new....the heavy hitters will most likely beat you. Instead, look for a new version of a successful product or a new product launch that is due to come out and go after that. Try to find the angles that the herd isn't looking for.

5.) Get a site or blog - Many Gurus and Ebooks may say you can direct link, and maybe you can for awhile, but you will do much better in the long run with a site or a blog. Given to days technology, you need very little technical expertise to get one going...and many of the resources that are out there are free. Writing skills and diligence are much more important than technical skills to get started. Even then, the writing can be outsourced very cheaply if necessary.

So there it is. In order to learn affiliate marketing, make sure you follow the above steps and take your time to put your plan of action together. Keep your focus, and work your plan, and don't get thrown off by information overload. Once you see that first sale, you'll be on your way!!!
by Neal Coxworth
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Neal Coxworth is an entrepreneur, internet marketer and publisher as well as a 17 year veteran of the consumer credit industry with experience in originating, underwriting and processing mortgage, student and consumer credit loans. Click below to hear a top Affiliate Marketers #1 "underground" domain tactic http://affiliateprofitmethod.com/
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