Fixing A Break Up In A Long Term RelationshipFixing A Break Up In A Long Term Relationship

Having a long term relationship break up can be heartbreaking. When you have been together for so long, it feels like all you have known is each other. In many cases you were also been expecting to get married. But "the end" doesn't really have to be the end unless you want it to be. You can fix a break up in a long-term relationship with a little effort and love in your heart.

Begin by recognizing that there is a problem. Many people don't want to admit that something is wrong. They simply try to get back together with their ex. This is such a big mistake. If there is a break up in your relationship then something is happening to cause it. If you can face that circumstance with courage and love - you can also avoid it from occurring in the future. This is a great opportunity for you to strengthen your long-term relationship for good by addressing the problems you are having.

Be the first person to approach and talk about your relationship. Perhaps your romantic partner is angry or doesn't want to talk. Maybe they have moved out or consider you broken up for good. Someone needs to make the first move to make things right. Call them and ask to meet in a place the two of you have always enjoyed. You've been together a long time so they will agree to meet you. Talk to them about improving the relationship and how things can change.

Say "I'm sorry." Some of us get so stubborn about apologizing. It is almost like two little kids holding their breath waiting to see who can go the longest. In love there's no contest to win - and an awful lot to lose. Be the first person in your romantic relationship to say, "I'm sorry" and focus on working on fixing your romantic relationship.

Be willing to consider outside help as an option. While some long-term couples can easily work things out together - others need a little extra help. Seeing relationship advice can be very beneficial to your relationship. Many couples see great improvement when they both put effort into this experience. It can be hard bringing up issues that frustrate or are painful to the two of you. But working with expert advice will give you a better sense of what you need to do.

Most importantly, have patience while fixing your long-term relationship. The problems likely didn't occur in a day and they won't be fixed in a day. It can be frustrating to wonder "when will things be the same as they were?" but trust that they can. You can have your romantic partner back as they once were. You just have to be willing to work at it, and this takes time.

It is easy to feel sorry for yourself after a break up, and to some extent you need to let your emotions flow for a couple days. However, at some point you need to determine how important this relationship is to you. Think about all of the months (or even years) you have invested in your partner. Is it really best to let everything slip away because you are too afraid to make the first move towards reconciling? Probably not, which is why you need to take action to repair what is broken.
by Elliot Beers
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