Slovakia is a little happy country which has borders to Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Ukraine. Among these, the most familiar country to people of Slovakia is Czech Republic, since some time ago, these both countries were one country under one banner. However, due to past inconveniences these two countries had to separate. But they do not hold grudges against each other in anyway, even that, both their people are quite friendly to each other. Also that, to Polish, which they have their longest border to, they are quite friendly, they had numerous cultural relationship with Poland in history and they tend not to forget that. Although, i am not quite sure if it is because they do not tend to forget something happened in their past or something recent, they do not like English speaking people. Or to put it bluntly, no other.

How to understand someone speaking English, if they are speaking with not obvious foreign accent, that if they are English or from any other part of the world? English grew to be the international language of the world, even that in passports of European Union, apart from the language of the country which the passport is given by, there is English used, as second language. And England is not even in the European Union officially! Therefore, England does not accept visas given by European Countries, or any European citizen without a visa! Which takes us to the fact that, English is really the international language of our time. When was in Slovakia, i had a few problems about English speaking. Of course not everyone has a good heart so i was probably in wrong place in wrong time. At the end Slovakians were really polite and nice to me. Apart from this, Slovakia is well known by its endless plains and untouched forests which adds intense natural beauty to the country.

In the countryside, you do not find many individual houses, however there are really numerous towns, which are so little but so technological. Things like small towns with no electricity, no plumbing is non-existent in Slovakia. There are even quite well internet service in most of those small towns, where only around a thousand people live, maybe less. There are pubs, discos, markets, and many sort of entertaining places, and possible activities. Like offroad motorbikes for rent, ski resorts. Just the annoying thing is that, after 6 p.m. most stores and places are closed in there. Though, pubs get opened, and there are people having fun all around. It is almost the same in their capital Bratislava too! Pubs put chairs and desks for people to sit on the roads, since there are not much cars around, it doesn't prove to be much of a problem. So no one does care if you are speaking English or not, after 18:00 If you are planning to visit Slovakia to have fun, i would say, do not hesitate!
by Evren Kalay
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