Laser Assisted Liposuction - A New Smart Lipo With Better ResultsLaser Assisted Liposuction - A New Smart Lipo With Better Results

Losing weight has never been an easy task. Have you ever considered liposuction. There have been many side effects associated with the procedure, such as pain and swelling. Nobody is a fan of those symptoms. If you are looking for all the benefits, with much fewer side effects, you may want to look into laser assisted liposuction. This combination of technologies has helped many people get rid of excess fat, while dramatically increasing recovery time and decreasing side effects.

The basic premise behind liposuction is simply sucking fat cells out from your body. The suction happens through small cuts made in your body, and a tube being inserted to suck the fat out. The tube is somewhat like a mini vacuum cleaner made for fat. Once the fat cells are sucked out, they will not return, unless overeating causes new ones to develop. But is it worth it? The procedure is usually very painful, and often results in high levels of bruising and swelling in the treated areas. It is also quite common for the patients to be left with sagging skin where the fat has been removed from.

The whole procedure hardly seems worth the time and money. Who wants to go through that kind of pain and financial burden? Recently, though, the development of laser assisted liposuction has revolutionized the process. It has been used in European and African countries for many years, but was just introduced to the North American market in the year 2007.

A very simple way of explaining how laser assisted liposuction works is that the doctors use the lasers to heat the fat cells up. The heat causes the fat cells to melt and become more liquid. With the fat cells in liquid form, they are much easier to suck up and pump out of the body. The ones that do not get sucked up get processed through the liver and peed out.

A great advantage to laser assisted liposuction is that probe that is inserted into the skin is about a quarter of the size of a traditional liposuction probe. This means that the incisions and scarring from the procedure will be much less than traditional liposuction. The laser heats up and melts the fat. From there, the vacuum sucks it away. The one known side effect of the procedure is that the body produces collagen. The funny thing is that collagen is what keeps the skin tight and prevents it from sagging. The laser also cauterizes the wounds, which makes for less swelling, and a faster recovery time.

With the laser assisted liposuction producing collagen in the body, the finished product is much smoother an aesthetically appealing than traditional liposuction. It costs a bit more than its predecessor, but produces far better results.

The greatest concern over the whole procedure is the test of time. It is a relatively new surgery, and therefore the long term side effects have not been measured yet. Some argue that the liquid fat cells that pass through the liver could cause damage in the long run.

One thing is for sure: The procedure works, and will be in high demand for the immediate future.
by James J Clarkson
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