Remember When 3D Video Was Awesome?Remember When 3D Video Was Awesome?

I kind of do, I have vague fuzzy memories of inexpensive horror films attempting to push SuchandSuchgetsMaimedandMurdered 3D!!!!!! now and again during the late eighties and early nineties. Naturally, I had no likelihood of seeing them at such a young age, and that superb 3D! Failed to carry over to VHS, regardless of whether they came packaged with those flimsy paper glasses-you were not seeing **. Recently Hollywood has been trying to bring back 3D in the theater, I think they are realizing that IMAX isn't that glorious as they attempt to market it. Unless you like vertigo, everyone has their peculiarities. I'm going to admit the one thing I saw in theaters with the legendary 3D aspect was 'The Nightmare Before Xmas a couple of years gone, and the sole remotely 3 dimensional part was the pumpkin at the beginning making an attempt to psych you up for the superb 3D! That was about to slam into your eye sockets. Obviously I did not expect much after that.

Now, there's a steady push in the market for 3D in *television*, particularly in the realm of gaming. I believed it was impossible, that kind of thing could surely only be available in, THE FUTURE. But you can at this time, in fact drop anywhere from 8 hundred-to one thousand on a fair tower able for 3D computer game play. In a couple of months, the number one company in the field Nvidia will be releasing a 3.5 foot tower with a clear Plexiglas side to show off it's super power 3D water cooling within. Needless to say, your going to new hardware if you need to play with state-of-the-art technology. Which is to be expected, naturally, 3D gaming needs double the framerate the 2D gaming does. You can technically have it on an older system, but unless you like watching everybody on your screen doing the robot, then it time to start saving. Or not, like everybody who isn't an elitist, hardcore computer gamer.

As for the majority of game-players out there who prefer their consoles, don't fret. The slowly reviving PS3 will be seeing a 3D upgrade this summer, and the Xbox 360 is sure to follow. Even still, you will need a new 3D HDTV that supports HDMI 1.4 to even support that. Since I like to presume that many people are like me and do not have a HDTV ( Ok, I don't have a TV at all ), we will not have to worry about spending scratch on a new TV just to keep up with the neighbors. Particularly since we are going to be just about required to buy a totally new group of games to play, since we can't be in a position to play ANY of the games currently out there on these new 3D systems, they just don't have the framerate required. Now, this doesn't take away from the dazzling things I have heard about 3D gaming, in fact it could be the way forward for gaming. I further said the same thing about the Wii, but this time I suspect I'm right. I know Microsofts next-gen console will have 3D technology built in, and if that doesn't change the way we game I do not know what will.

As per usual, it will take a bit for 3D anything to become reasonable. And it will not really become wide-ranging until console's are pushing it, it'll be a few years before we see that. Not to worry though, remember when DVD players were going for a grand a pop? I am doing, and it's 10 years later and you'll be able to find a good one on the sidewalk during Bulk garbage Night. If your desperate for some 3D like it 1985 however , imaginary just announced that it's unreal Engine will shortly be able to go 3D with a straightforward switch flip. A decent gaming rig with a young graphics card connected up to a 120Hz monitor can handle a lot of games in 3D at the moment, but Nvidia's 3DTC Play just commented that shortly you will be able to hook up a gaming PC to a 3D HDTV. In all truth though, if you're actually going to spend the money on a first gen 3D HDTV, you can't overlook a computer that will 3D GAME. I don't care how much you loved Nightmare before Yuletide, seeing it in 3D in you living room will never match up to the awesome that is playing a game like Bioshock in all it's 3D glory.
by Gregg Housh
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