How To Make Money Online Part 4 - Keyword Research Is CriticalHow To Make Money Online Part 4 - Keyword Research Is Critical

Last time we looked at choosing the best products on Cickbank to promote, now we will look at keyword research, and how critical it is to make money online.

You may have heard the term keyword research if you have been looking around for a while, but if you are looking to make or earn money online for the first time, I will give a brief description of what keyword research is and why it is so important.

Whenever you type a phrase into a search engine, looking for something, this is called a keyword. Search engines track it, and people research it to target their ads. There is nothing mysterious about keyword research, basically we are looking for the words which people are searching for, and trying to match them with a product they want to buy. We are not trying to ram products down people's throats, we are not cold selling things, we are trying to find people with a need, and trying to fill that need.

There are two types of people who search on Google and other search engines. Those who are just looking, and those who have a need to be filled. The idea of keyword research is to find those people who need something. People with no money are looking for ways to make more money. Those who need to lose weight are looking for a program which suits them. As an affiliate marketer, we have access to tens of thousands of products which are there to fill people's needs.

There are generic keywords which huge numbers of people will search for, such as "weight loss". All sorts of people will search for this phrase, not necessarily to buy something. Lots of people just browse the internet to find out information. We all do.

There are also targeted keywords which only people very interested in a weight loss solution will type in, such as "buy weight loss program" these are the type of keywords we want to target, as there will be less people searching, but they will be a lot more likely to be interested on the products we can direct them to.

There are numerous tools available for keyword research; most of them have a free feature which will display a small number of related keywords. To access the full keyword search functions you will have to pay some money. This allows you to get all the keywords on the group, which may be thousands, and most will allow you to download the keywords as an Excel spreadsheet. This saves a huge amount of time copying and pasting.

There are also web based software programs which cater for affiliate marketers. These have a whole selection of tools combined in the one website, which can save you some money. If you are serious about learning to make money online, it may be worth subscribing to a training program which also has tools included, to make your campaigns so much easier and quicker to setup, and get you making money that much sooner.

Good luck with your online money making!
by David Mee
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David Mee has learned by trial and error how to make money online and which training programs are the best value for money. David has reviewed two of the best training courses he has used, and has put together some useful information for those just starting out. Visit to see if any these training courses will help you.
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