Composite Video Splitter: Transfer Composite Signals In Easy And Quick MannerComposite Video Splitter: Transfer Composite Signals In Easy And Quick Manner

Composite Video Splitter also called composite distribution amplifier transfer the single composite signals to one or more devices having RCA or BNC types connectors. The normal composite splitter occurs in 2/4/8 port with daisy chaining functionality to achieve large distribution of signal. It supports the display format of 4:3 and 6:9 and supports all most all operating system.

This composite splitter is compatible with various standard signals like SECAM, NTSC and PAL etc. It has easy plug and play functionality and there is no additional technical requirement during distribution of signal. It supports normal bandwidth 110 MHz at the frequency of 20 KHz and it varies according to devices types. It contains in build amplifier which boost the signals and there is no loss of signals during transfer from one to many display devices. This is a famous device for composite signal transfer in all over the world.

The one of the popular composite video splitter is CAT5 composite video splitter which distributes the signals via the inexpensive CAT5/CAT6 UTP cables. The CAT5 audio video distribution amplifier distributes the signals up to 1000 ft (300 meter) with the slew rate of 1600V/µs. It is easy in install and ideal solution for HDTV users. These devices transfer the images from one display to multiple remote locations.

These are very much use in satellite and cable set-top boxes, DVD players, D-VHS players as well as hotels, conference centers, classroom having composite splitter. Before purchases any of the composite video splitter please sees all the features and specifications, chooses the best composite splitter among all the others which fit according to your requirements.

Peter Pal Disuja is an expert in this video splitter like Composite Video Splitter, Composite Splitter or composite distribution amplifier and spend their 10 years in this types of field. If you want more information you can visit SmartVM.

by Peter Pal Disuja
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 Composite Video Splitter, Composite Splitter

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