Plumbing-Referred To The Systems Of Pipes And FixturesPlumbing-Referred To The Systems Of Pipes And Fixtures

Whenever you get your house made, one of the most important and hectic jobs is to get the pipes, faucets and drains fitted. It is important to first plan out all the settings and then seeks a professional to do the job. A plumber is usually called upon to handle such things.
The plumbing has derived from the Latin word plumbum, which is the chemical name for lead. Plumbing was the name given to this profession because at that time pipes were usually made out of lead. Plumbing is mainly associated with the piping, plumbing fixtures and tubing of drinking water mechanisms or waste drainage systems. It’s been a long time now, but since medical and health conditions have increased and waste has been properly dealt with and disposed off, the plumbing industry since then has been a crucial part of every developed economy. This is not only due to the drainage systems but also due to the need of having proper clean water for drinking and other purposes such as those in factories etc.
Now a days, plumbing is also referred to the systems of pipes and fixtures that are put up in homes, offices and other buildings for the easy transport and distribution of water wherever it is required. The basic difference between sewage systems and plumbing systems is that a sewage system refers to the water and drainage system of the whole city, a neighborhood or a group of buildings while a plumbing system is only that of a house.
If we look into the history of plumbing, we will see that back in the past there was n such concept of plumbing. The idea was first introduced in the 19th century when the first modern cities started to build. Public health organizations and authorities started forcing upon the issue of proper waste disposal systems. The whole plumbing scheme first started off as simply putting pipes in all buildings which used to transfer all the household waste into a local gathering spot from where it was emptied into a nearby river or dumped in some landfill. Later this started to change. The earliest evidence of a modern plumbing and sewage system was found in the Indus Valley Civilization which was present sometime in 2700 B.C. Here you can see earthen plumbing pipes and asphalts being used in the baths and the settlements where the remains of houses are to be found.
Back then, people usually relied on gravity for the transport of water. They used materials like wood, bamboos, stone, lead or clay to build pipes and channels. The tradition now has however changed. Modern day pipes and plumbing systems and networks of high pressure pumps are built up of materials like plastic, brass, copper or any other non toxic material that will not poison water.
The systems and equipments have also been largely updated now. Previously there were only simple straight pipes and a few valves used. Now there is a wide variety of valves, elbows, tees, and unions available in the market.
by Agnes Celina
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