Software Testing - In Its Simplest FormSoftware Testing - In Its Simplest Form

Software testing is a process, which involves various activities that are carried out throughout the SDLC, to check the software product. Testing in a wider terms is a part of SQA, Software Quality Assurance. ‘SQA’ is the implementation of strategies and policies intended to stop defects from occurring in the early stage whereas, ‘Software Testing’ includes tasks for detecting defects in the software product.

Understanding the objectives/goals of testing:

1. To Find errors

2. To prove that the software work as per the requirement
3. To check the correctness of the software program and the actual behavior with the expected behavior
4.To ensure that all the functionalities are implemented correctly
5. Ensure client satisfaction.  

In a software development company, ‘Software testing’ is performed in two modes such as Static and dynamic. Static testing, doesn’t involve the execution of the code of the project whereas dynamic testing involves the execution of the coding part.

There are different methods followed for testing. These methods depend upon the part to be tested by the testers. Some of the Methods are:

* White box testing: It tests the structure often, loops and the coding part the program.
* Black box testing: It tests the project with some sets of input conditions that tend to put to use the functional requirements for a program.

In general, testing is all about “Verification and Validation”. These are:-

* Verification: Are we making the product right? That means that are we are making the product as per the requirements provided by the customer.

* Validation: Are we doing the right job? The set of activities that ensures that the product is made to satisfy/fit the purpose of the customer.

In every software product development firm like mobile software development and many more, Testing involves a lot many activities other than only finding defects. A tester has to maintain all the documents such as test cases, defect clustering record ,test policies etc, to help the developer better understand the key point of the defect and how exactly their product was tested by them.

A test case is a document that describes an input value, some action and an expected result, to determine if the attribute of an application is working properly and correctly. A test case should contain essentials such as test case attributes, test case name, objective, test conditions, input data requirements, steps, and expected results.

Testing is one the most unique fields in itself as a tester really don’t know, exactly when to stop testing the software. The main focus of a tester is on the Risks and quality of the software.

Risk Driven testing and Regression testing

Since it’s not possible to test the entire product; the testers use risk analysis to determine where testing should be focused. Risk analysis is appropriate to most of the software development projects. This requires judgment and analytical skills and experience. Regression testing is the testing which is carried out to check whether the change, such as a bug fix, has not introduced new bugs in the other areas of the product.

In software testing there are some levels of testing as well. These are:

Unit testing: This testing is carried out for each component/module of the program to ensure the validity of each module. This type of testing is done usually by developers by writing test cases for each scenarios of the module and writing the results occurring in each step for each module.  

Integration Testing: This testing is carried to test modules, as how are they going to behave after integration. Since, unit testing covers the validation of the modules/components only. Integration testing is required to test the interfaces with all the components integrated in that.

System testing: This testing is carried out to test the entire system/product after integration of the all the modules and components.

However, it is not possible to remove all the defects/bugs from the software modules/product. It is not because a tester or a programmer is careless or irresponsible, but because the complexity of software is generally intractable.

by Christa Joe
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