Managing And Conquering DepressionManaging And Conquering Depression

In today's world of so much tension and hectic life schedule there are so many people who suffer from the disease of 'depression'. Millions of people are there in this world who is suffering from this massive illness but they used to think that depression is just a normal phase of life which will end soon. But we are watching so many patients who are being harmed due to this massive illness. It has proved to be such a serious illness which can lead to a life which is of no use to a patient which is a case of extreme depression.

The depression has been much centered issue in World Health Organization too. Extreme depression is a case where a person suffering from depression can go for suicide. Depression is a stage that affects everyone and no one is safe from it. it does not depends on your state of being rich or poor, male or female or being educated or uneducated.

What are the things which bring about changes in a person who is suffering from depression? There are many characteristics of depressed people. Some of them are the person loses interest in his love or personal or professional life. These people suffering from depression experience lot of loneliness or hopelessness gloom as well as indifference towards the life. Another thing which can be noticed in these people is that they tend to escape from all and even small problems of life. They do not want to face the reality as they feel they might get rejected. They act very much sensitive to each and every statement which would be very normal too from others. They lose their own self esteem and they feel they cannot have success in anything so they leave to do anything from their own. In this way, they make their personal life into a more of suffering.

Few other things which are noted in these people are that they lose interest in physical activities like appetite, sleeping and having sex too. They have difficulty in controlling their feelings like that of anger or underlying feeling of guilt. They might feel very much responsible for the feelings of other people. Depressed people might become dependent on other people so it becomes very difficult for the depressed people as they are having the feeling of helplessness. So, it becomes very difficult with treating depressed people who are in their later stages of depression but if you are able to identify the depression in a person in a very early stage then this can be very easily cured.

Some of the major symptoms of depression are lack of concentration, miserable frame of mind, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, incapacity to do anything, feeling of being unimportant, and there are yet many emotional symptoms like feeling of rejection etc.

Some of these symptoms are official while others are non official. Depression has so many myths attached with them. One says that the person who is suffering from depression is going through a punishment which God is giving him due to some of his wrong action in his life. Or it is also said that depressed people are mentally unbalanced and disturbed too.
This writing very well described the symptoms as well as some of the characteristics of depressed people.
by Irsan Gao
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