Silent Killer In Men: DepressionSilent Killer In Men: Depression

The depression in men can cause much problem and it can prove to be a silent killer for him. many times, we see there is a family where the male part might get into some depression problem and then he gets into so much problem that he might quit his job and start being at home all alone. These men have the tendency to suffer in silence and in fact they have been taught this since the very beginning.

Men are supposed to be very self esteemed as well as they have to get the responsibility of the whole family and he is suppose to be very self reliant and it is their wife as well as children who rely on them for their needs. They have their sense of duty that compels them to be present at their work front.

But the problem comes when a person gets into some kind of problem. At any point of time when the man is not able to meet his expectation, he starts falling behavior wise. And if this failure leads to another failure, it becomes a problem that leads him towards depression. This makes him feel overwhelmed as well as a feeling of helplessness comes into his mind. He feels like he can solve the entire problem but at the same time he feels very shy to open his problems to others. At this point of time, even sometimes, the wife is not able to understand what exactly is happening with his husband.

Similarly if this problem continues with aging, this leads to extreme depression, where the husband is not in a mood to listen to anyone, not even his wife and even wife might not tell him openly in a fear that he might start reacting which can worsen their relationship.

Now, what are the basic symptoms of the Male depression? These depressed men are more likely to talk about their physical state rather than their emotional or psychological state. They would visit the doctors for their high blood pressure but they would never go to a psychiatrist for their emotional behavior. Hence, their mental illness keeps on aggravating as there is no solution is being searched for this problem.

Many times, depression is confused with the state of mental disorder but this is not exactly true. Because depression affects person's thoughts as well as action and it is a medical disorder. There is a symptom of reacting very badly at the smallest questions like if the husband is being asked anything again and again, he reacts very badly. And this further creates very bad relationship between the husband and wife.

Now, what can be the consequences of this male depression? His personal as well as professional life suffers due to the depression. He may destroy every relationship. Another consequence is that he cannot concentrate on his mind and there is lack in concentration as well as interest. Depression can also lead to problems like heart attack, or high BP etc. and in last, it might increase their tendency for suicidal attempt.

There are many treatments available for the male depression. The first thing you should notice is that you should never ignore your spouses' mood. You must get him to a mental health professional who can thoroughly study his mental state and then advice him about his ongoing. Many times, the male keeps on disturbing their health due to so much work pressure, so this work pressure also leads to depression. Here you should encourage your husband to do some enjoyment kind of activities so that proper care is taken of his eating habits as well as his daily routine is very well maintained. Each of them should encourage and educate yourselves about depression and keep your spouse encouraging with small things.
by Irsan Komarga
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