New Products Are High-tech Locks Huge MarketNew Products Are High-tech Locks Huge Market

It is understood that lock in high-tech products dominated the fingerprint lock. Fingerprint lock is a kind of fingerprint to identify human carriers and means of intelligent lock, it is the computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology of the perfect crystal. Fingerprint identification and control are generally electronic, mechanical linkage system composed of two parts. The uniqueness of fingerprints and non-reproducibility, together with multi-point electronic identification and electronic control system, determines the fingerprint lock is the most secure locks for all types of locks, the most broad market prospects.

If you bring locks, inside your mind will emerge out of what looks like the image? Or a stiff and a large lock of ordinary copper key? Obviously, you are out of. Have the opportunity to stroll a long absence, lock hardware market or related hardware show it, I am afraid that the lock has now developed to the extent you do not know the.

"In recent years, the rapid development of China's lock industry. This is not only the production and sale in the lock, the same time, locks the product technology content, technical level of production and so has made substantial progress, the market has emerged Duo kind of high-tech lock new products, and these new locks used in various industries, the market prospects are very bright. "10 'China International Hardware Show (CIHS'10) organizing committee spokesman said.

"Strictly speaking, fingerprint lock has not is the latest high-tech products, and its appearance has been several years time. Now we have many companies in China can produce such a lock. China's lock industry has been export- oriented, and this fingerprint lock in the U.S. and Europe was high, in the export market has been very popular nowadays. can be expected, since a variety of fingerprint lock will be the market mainstream. "CIHS'10 organizing committee spokesman said .

In addition, the hotel industry, a variety of intelligent control lock also has a very broad market. These locks rely on IC card technology, using a smart card key and password authentication with physical function, high reliability data storage, update and modify a convenient location. We usually staying in a hotel room with the is actually a smart card smart card key locks. With the rapid development of China's hotel industry, the size of the hotel is now almost all are already using a similar system, intelligent lock, intelligent lock can be said that the market prospects are very bright.

"More advanced locks is based on Bluetooth technology, and Bluetooth headset connected to the way people sleep in monitoring their own items at any time. There are even relying on the process control and even remote control of intelligent computer network security system. It can be said that with the development of science and technology, product update lock is accelerating, high-tech products industry represents the future of locks. "China International Hardware Show (CIHS'10) organizing committee spokesman said," We are the China International Hardware Show (CIHS'10) has been working for the majority of lock lock manufacturers to provide the latest international technology guiding philosophy and related market conditions, to help our locks businesses to develop new products, improve product quality, and strive to make our locks enterprises in the export market, take share. "

It is learned that the world's second-largest hardware show - China International Hardware Show (CIHS'10) will be in September in the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre. The same period in 2010 during the exhibition held in China International locks, security products development. "Hardware Fair to participate in our 2009 overseas buyers reached more than 3,000 people, and in this year's China International locks, security products will show a large number of international buyers" new faces "come to discuss the purchase, will also be more new technologies, new products unveiled China lock, security product development, a vision of domestic enterprises to open up a new platform and sales channels. "the spokesman concluded.

About CIHS

China International Hardware Show ( by China National Hardware Association, Cologne, Germany, International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the National Federation of Hardware & Electrical Association, China International Trade Promotion Committee jointly organized branch of light industry.

Show the scale of the world's No. 2, Asia 1, with 10-year-old, 2000 exhibitors, 5,000 booths, 110,000 square meters exhibition area, 4,000 top-level stability of hundreds of thousands of members of the international buyers and buyer resources. International Hardware Show has become the preferred professional procurement platform for buyers, domestic and foreign trade of China Metal Products "main channel", and China issued new hardware platform with the authority to promote. '10 China International Hardware Show will be held September 28, 2010 to 30 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, will hold the same period in '10 China Cabinets, Kitchen & Bath Products & Technology Expo '10 China International Hardware Show and Building '10 China International locks, security products development.
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