The Benefits Of Lean-to ConservatoriesThe Benefits Of Lean-to Conservatories

Once you have already decided to build a DIY (do-it-yourself) conservatory, it is just natural to find yourself a little confused especially with all the many detailed ways on how you can finish the project. Probably one of the first dilemmas you may encounter comes with selecting the type and design of the conservatory to install. Choosing to have a DIY conservatory is only natural for homeowners who have that special interest on creating things out of their own hands. DIY conservatories can provide three advantages and the first of these is their being compartment friendly and despite of their affordability, homeowners can be assured that their quality and durability is not sacrificed with the price.

Of all the many types of conservatories, a lean-to conservatory is one of the most popular choices because of its distinct look that seems to perfectly fit any style and taste of most homeowners. Also called as a home extender, it is also considered as one of the most cost-effective conservatory styles because it gives extra room based on a very affordable price. A lean-to conservatory can either be rectangular or square-shaped made with full-height glass panels or dwarf walls. It is also most distinguished with its downward sloped roofs.

Because of their huge resemblance with other type of conservatories, a lean-to conservatory is often mistaken as an Edwardian conservatory. The two can be easily distinguished from each other, however, by looking at their roofing styles. A lean-to conservatory has a sloping roof while the Edwardian style has a hipped roof that points upward.

Going back to the advantages, another good point of this type of conservatory is it does not need a lot of space when it comes to the actual construction. Compared to other conservatory types like the L-shaped Edwardian and bayed Victorian, lean-to conservatories do not have the same problems when it comes to conserving space. Not only does this type need a smaller space, it also maximizes its interior extension room. Homeowners do not need to deal with unnecessary angles or curves and they are also saved with the worry of running low on backyard room.

The third advantage of having a lean-to conservatory is that it is very easy to build. DIY conservatories come in a kit complete with materials (except for the base), instructions, and also offers a helpline for those who want to ask questions. In building a do-it-yourself lean-to conservatory, there is no need to measure angles or cut extra wood because it does not have the elaborate trimmings of the Edwardian and Victorian styles.

Despite of the many advantages of a lean-to conservatory, however, there are still a few considerations which should be kept in mind before starting to build one. For one, even though this type does not need too much space, homeowners must still wisely choose the location on which to install it. Placing it near the neighbor's fence may only cause neighbors to accuse you of invading their privacy. Also, those who have a big space left for extensions should not build a small lean-to conservatory because putting up a small conservatory on one side of the house will only make the whole house disproportional in shape.
by John Schofield
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