Google Panda 2.3 UpdateGoogle Panda 2.3 Update

The so called web war for higher rankings and better market position has led the webmasters to focus on the quality and content of the software development company sites. But in spite of, maintaining the originality of the content, they often suffer from plagiarism. This is usually due to the ‘copy and paste’ scenario followed by the black hat SEOs/webmasters.

It can be inferred from the updates and changes in the algorithm that Google has started penalizing the ‘scraper’ sites and benefiting the quality sites.

The intentions behind Panda were to track, and then delete the large amount of content spam from content farm sites. Since the first update Google panda 1.0, a number of websites who claim to be good quality sites have been affected badly. This latest update that is Google panda update 2.3, the fifth version of Panda, appears to be addressing the issues faced by various sites which were affected by the previous Google updates. Since the original Panda update, there have been 4 separate Panda related updates each addressing different aspects of the original filter.

As Google made the announcement on July 26 that Panda 2.3 was officially up and running, the scraper sites that were gaining higher ranking through poor and copied content have been apprehensive. Every one of the Panda’s updates has filtered out more and more low-quality websites or “scraper” sites from the list of high-ranking websites as the panda is paying more attention to the ranking factor than the algorithm change.

Basic ranking factors followed by panda updates are the following:
1.) Low quality content can cause a drop in the rankings of the entire site even for the high quality pages.
2.) Check the quality of your web site and remove the poor quality, poorly written pages.

3.) For high ranking the overall user experience is likely important such as the usability and accessibility of your site.

4.) A good Look and feel template (UI) should be used for organizing the content.
5.) Once the content of the site is found to be of high quality, start focusing on publicity and awareness.
6.) Diversify into other modes of publicity as well, such as blogs, videos etc.

Google Panda updates is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites, so the key thing for webmasters to do is make sure their sites are of the highest quality possible.

The Panda algorithm basically targets sites that are of poor quality like:

1.) Not enough useful content in the site
2.) Poorly explained and badly written content

3.) Content copied from higher ranking sites

Google penalizes those sites as well which have low quality content on some part of the site only. So, to improve ranking you need to remove the low quality pages from your site which also increase rankings of the high quality pages.
by Christa Joe
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Christa Joe is the author.She has been demonstrating her writing skills by writing the articles for custom application development and  warehousing management related firms.

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