3 E-mail List Management Services3 E-mail List Management Services

Newsletters can be used to connect with clients, family, friends, or fans. They allow you to inform your subscribers of important information. You can find online free mailing lists and paid-for mailing lists. This article will address the features and prices of three paid-for mailing list services.

There are many types of mailing list service providers to choose from. Web hosting providers often add newsletters into their web site package deals. Then there are many software packages you can buy and venture out on your own to create your own newsletter. Then there are third-party mailing list services providers, which some offer free of charge while others charge a reasonable fee. Here are three providers who charge a fee.


Biglist maintains a list of subscribers and delivers your newsletters to them almost instantly. This company features a virtual domain name, so it appears as if you are the one sending the newsletter from your domain.

Other features include:

• Simple subscribe procedure - readers are in control of their subscription/un-subscription by email or web form
• Flat rate pricing
• Easy web interface
• Absolute privacy
• Archives
• 24-hour customer service
• Announcement or one-to-many list
• Discussion or many-to-many list
• Automatic purging of invalid e-mail addresses
• Digest list at no extra charge
• Automatic headers and footers

The prices at BIGLIST are listed in two different ways. There is a Standard List (@your_co.BIGLIST.com) and the Virtual List (@lists.your_domain.com). The prices are gauged by total number of subscribers ranging from up to 500 - 1,000,000+. The prices per month range from $40-$600. There is a standard set-up fee $50 for Standard List and $75 for Virtual List.


Listcast enables their clients to send personalized, targeted emails based on their subscribers' interests and demographics all for low-cost packages. They also maintain the list.


• Import existing e-mail lists
• Manage multiple lists
• Unlimited number of list members
• List welcome message
• Newsletters fill-in-the-blank templates
• Large message file size limit
• Target e-mails based on interests
• Automatic purging of invalid e-mail addresses
• Confirmed opt-in
• Informative reports
• Upload images

Listcast offers several packages:

• Up to 200 messages - FREE
• Up to 10,000 messages a month - $19.95
• Up to 20,000 messages a month - $29.95
• Up to 50,000 messages a month - $49.95
• Up to 100,000 messages a month - $79.95

esoSoft Corporation

esoSoft specializes in mailing list hosting. They offer a mailing list that will be hosted using their mylist.net domain name. For example, the posting address would be: your-list-name@mylist.net.


• Advertising free
• No set-up fee
• Web based subscribing and unsubscribing
• Customizable home page
• Bounced detection and handling
• Spam filters
• Auto-Replies
• Digest and archives
• Free unlimited e-mail support


• ML Classic - 3,000 messages/10MB/$5.95 a month
• ML Piccolo - 30,000 messages/50MB/$9.95 a month
• ML Mezzo - 50,000 messages/100MB/$14.95 a month
• ML Grande - 70,000 messages/200MB/$19.95 a month


Creating and maintaining your own newsletter shouldn't be an extra chore. With a third-party mailing list service provider all you have to worry about the content. To shop around for more providers, enter, "Mailing List Service" into your search engine box and shop around for a package which suits your needs.
by Scott Phelps
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