GIA Wellness Review - Abbreviation For Growth, Inspiration And AbundanceGIA Wellness Review - Abbreviation For Growth, Inspiration And Abundance

To make sure that I can offer my clients the best service and coach them to the top of their company, what ever business they are in, I make sure to research all the new important companies in the network marketing industry. Today GIA Wellness, a great company!

GIA Wellness (abbreviation for Growth, Inspiration and Abundance) is a company that has its roots in Carlsbad, California. It makes health and wellness products with different features, such as vitamins, anti-aging and weight loss. The purpose is to reach out to as many people as possible in order to improve their life-quality and well-being. To achieve this purpose, GIA Wellness creates innovative, effective and life enhancing wellness products of the latest technology. The products are made to please the costumers while the company itself creates business opportunities that will enhance the happiness of its representatives through improved financial status, personal growth and leadership development.

The vision of GIA Wellness is to help and encourage people in the stress filled world of today to achieve optimal wellness. Hence, GIA Wellness offers products and methods that are unique, but effective in gaining the most important life-force energies. In addition to bodily wellness, the company also encourages abundance. This is done by empowering the individuals through education and tools establish a reliable source of income.

Customers can choose between a wide range of innovative products from four different categories. At the moment, the category Aquagia has only one product. This does, however, not make it less impressive. The benefits of the i-H20 Activator are many, such as efficient absorption of nutrients and maximizing hydration. For ultimate result it is recommended to combine this product with vitamins. Nutragia category contains of several mixtures of vitamins, for example, a liquid fruit formula, herbs or a blend of different fruits, berries and vegetables. To defy aging of the skin, GIA Wellness also offers a product with the formula of 17 different botanicals and i-glow concentrate.

GIA Wellness is the first company in the world to offer highly developed intervention technologies that diminish the effects of electro-pollution exposure. TerraGIA products offered are, for example, cell guards that can be used on mobile phones and blue tooth devices; universal guards that can be used on both wireless and wired devices and hands-free air tube headset. These affordable products protect from harmful radiation and have proved by users to reduce symptoms like headache and concentration disorders.

To its representatives, GIA Wellness offers a total Success Support System. This includes daily or weekly online alternatively teleconferencing training. It is possible to get personal "break through" tranings as well as advanced leadership trainings. Different inspirational live corporate events are also arranged throughout the year and material in form of video, audio, documents and worksheets are available.

When joining GIA Wellness one has the opportunity to choose between a fixed multitude business pack or to customize one's own in order to get the business up running. When signing up as a consultant one receives a 30% discount on all product purchases as well as other advantages.

The compensation plan of GIA Wellness has eight different levels, starting as a consultant and ending as a two star presidential director. Bonuses are available and more favorable the higher one climbs on the carrier ladder.
by Remco De Vries
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Online Attraction Marketing Mentor Remco de Vries is now sharing his experiences and knowledge to help others creating lasting wealth and abundance online. Click here to Conquer the Internet by using his Easy Step-by-Step Marketing System to Start Making Money Online NOW!
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