Simon Rickett Explains The Online Industry For The SMESimon Rickett Explains The Online Industry For The SME

Back in 2005, the Internet advertising industry was starting to take hold as SME's started to shift their marketing spend online. However 5 years on where are we now?

Simon Rickett, founder of Activ, an online marketing company, gives his thoughts...

"5 years ago the internet was fairly new to SME's. Most SME's didn't really understand what the Internet could offer. That said as it was the "buzz' word back then businesses experimented with online advertising and getting a website designed"

Simon Rickett explains how "SME's rushed to find a web designer, or arranged for the popular business directories to design them a website, however this has actually been counterproductive for most"

How many SME's have actually had any benefit from the website they have had designed?

Web Designers know how to design a website, there is no knocking that, however web designers have limited experience in actually sitting down with business owners and explaining all the factors you need to take into consideration when trying to generate business online.

If you are looking at having a website designed or increasing your online exposure Simon Rickett believes you need to actually identify what you are trying to achieve from the start. The behavior patterns of online users are not the same as your customers, who pick up your leaflet, see you in the newspaper or walk into your shop and this needs to be taken into consideration

Back in 2005 and over the last 5 years, the shift online has been huge. The market is growing at an unbelievable rate, however where we are now compared to where we were then is that companies in the industry have to spend more time in re-engaging business owners into the benefits the Internet can offer. This is all because of the bad experiences over the last 5 years

Having a web presence, whether it be a website or online advertising profile, the very purpose of this is to promote the services and goods you are offering with the objective of generating leads

Simon Rickett believes the only way you are actually going to see real benefits from your internet presence is spending some time to start with identifying what your objective is. Too many businesses expect just by putting their goods online business will occur. Yes it will if it is done correctly, however you need to identify from the start how your online presence will:

* Save you money
* Make you money
* Save you time

Any online marketing company worth their salt should be able to sit down with you and go through exactly how your online presence will achieve these things for your business. Furthermore they should be able to explain what features your website should have to ensure the 3 factors above are achieved.

If you have had a bad experience of the online industry over the last 5 years, this was at no fault of your own, however don't be put off it, this market is booming, it will continue to boom and there are hundreds of potential customers online every single day, you just need to find them and ensure when they view your goods and services they interact with you!
by Simon Rickett
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To find out more about Simon Rickett visit his blog where he explains more about online marketing and other factors to take into consideration when gaining an online presence.
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