Press Release SEO - 3 Top TipsPress Release SEO - 3 Top Tips

When creating a press release it is usually because something newsworthy has happened within a company or an organization - so shouldn't you be trying to get the maximum exposure for that piece?

As with standard websites and web pages on the internet, search engines look for certain factors when determining how relevant content may be before positioning it within the search results. If your press release is lacking the vital signs that search engines may be looking for, then it could be ranked very badly, or even worse, missed completely.

To ensure your press releases have the best chance of being top of the pile, certain steps can be taken to cover the entire basis that search engines will be looking at. There is no guarantees within search results due to the unpredictable nature, but follow the below steps to maximise your potential.

1 - Title

First and foremost is the title of your press release. The HTML title tag is one of the most important on-page SEO elements when optimising for search, so it is essential that your title tag reads well for users, and contains the key phrases for search engines.

An example:

If you are distributing a press release about a newly released World Cup song, then you should have the phrase 'World Cup song' in the title. Although this seems like such an obvious example, some press releases often lack explanation in the title, and can be perceived as being very vague.

Another reason that title tags are so important in press releases is that when you submit the piece to a website or distribution network, the title that you set will often be used as both the HTML title of the page, and also the heading (H1 tag). These aspects can really help your release perform well.

2 - Links

Although this isn't strictly an SEO tip for the actual press release itself, it is essential that this is done (wherever possible) to improve the SEO. Quality and relevant links can help a website's performance within the search results greatly, so if you have the chance to include links into your press release to your own (or a client) website, then grasp it with both hands. Use these links to point to important and relevant pages on your website to boost the visibility (and visitors).

3 - Distribution

SEO is all about getting your presence felt in as many areas as possible within the web - but only relevant visibility is going to help drive traffic and conversions. When distributing a press release, don't just submit it to a generic article website where it won't get ready - do some research and identify the networks where it is most specific. There are many services to do help do this across the internet, so finding the right places to target isn't necessarily a strenuous job. By taking an extra few minutes to think about your placement, you can really make a bigger impact that will yield genuine advantages.
by Andrew Seaman
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