3 Key Elements For A Successful Advertising Campaign3 Key Elements For A Successful Advertising Campaign

In order to make the best advertising decisions for your business several factors need to be considered. You want to be sure that your ads are well targeted for maximum sales conversions; you also want to make sure that there is enough traffic coming to the website, publication or message board etc. that you have placed your ad on. In addition to this are 3 points to be considered for a successful advertising campaign.

Here are 3 key elements for a successful advertising campaign

Good product:
One of the biggest reasons people fail in advertising is lack of market research. Entrepreneurs choose an affiliate program or resell product without researching whether it is an in demand product in their market.

If you are going to spend money on advertising it is important to pay attention to your product. It should be something your market really wants. It is no point advertising any old product without doing a little market research. If your product is in demand then you have a good chance of getting your advertising money back in sales.

Good ad format:
The real secret to a good advertising campaign is to have a good ad. Even if your product is good, you will not be able to sell it with poor ad copy. It is surprising how many people are quite careless about this. I have seen so many ads that are just pure hype. Web surfers, including you and me just do not buy into these ads anymore.

It is critical to your success to have good ad copy. The basic ad format can be found in small classified ads; an attention grabbing headline, a couple of benefits and a call for action. You will just expand the benefits to make a bigger ad.

Advertise at the right place:
Placing your ad in the right place will make all the difference to your campaign. Your aim is to put your ad in front of people who are interested in your product or service. To do this you will need to advertise in targeted areas of your market. Publications and websites that compliment your product and services are what you will be looking for.

For example if you are selling golf clubs you might want to advertise on a website that sells golfing manuals. You could actually do an ad swap with different related publications. Added to this you can also swap subscription boxes for newsletters with related websites.

Before you start your advertising campaign it is very important to prepare and think it out carefully. Decide how much you can afford and use your money wisely. Do not spend a lot of money without doing your research first. It is best to start small, test, track and spend more money where you are seeing the sales. Always keep a list of websites and publications where your ads have produced sales.

With these points you can create and run a successful ad campaign that will help you to sell more and give you the maximum bang for your buck.
by Catherine Qazalbash
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Cathy Q is the publisher of the free newsletter A-Y-B. Full of tips and information on how to start and grow your business. To sign up for a free subscription visit http://a-y-b.com
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