Benefits Of HTML ValidationBenefits Of HTML Validation

HTML Validation is a process of analyzing HTML document in comparison to standard HTML rules, identifying errors and non-standard codes.

Till today, HTML Validation is the process which is mostly overlooked during the process of Web Design but the fact is this process should be given much more importance by every web designer. Some of the benefits of this process are being discussed below which may attract you in validating HTML on your website.

1] Search Engine Friendly Web Pages: By HTML Validation, we get the benefit of clean and simple codes which enables the search engines to crawl at your web pages more quickly and completely. If there is something wrong with the code, the search engine spider may skip the web page because of which the ranking of your page may go down but if all the tags are correct than it becomes easy for them to crawl on your page.

2] Fast Loading of Website: Visitors mostly don’t have much patience to wait the page to load. If your page takes more than 10 seconds than there is a possibility that your visitor gets irritated and clicks away from your website. If the web page contains HTML errors than it will for sure take more time to get loaded completely and so HTML validation is important.

3] Less Load on Server: Clean and simple code will not burden the server compared to the website having complicated codes or contain many nested tables. CSS [Cascading Style Sheet] will reduce the amount of code within your web pages. This will also cut down on the amount of web space and bandwidth used which saves a lot of money for the purpose of hosting the site.

4] Website Accessibility: When you run your website through a code validate than it may produce lots of errors which is needed to be corrected so that the web page runs well. Validating the HTML codes helps to identify areas of potential error that can stop search engine crawlers or even visitors from accessing the website.

5] Compatibility with Browsers: Validated HTML codes will ensure one thing for sure that your website is compatible with all major browsers and also with future browsers.

6] Easy to Update and Maintain: With not any errors in the HTML codes of the website it becomes easy and fast to make changes on the web pages for the purpose of updating it regularly. This also gives the benefit of saving a lot of time and money at the time of maintaining yours or clients websites.

7] Access More Visitors: If you are sure that your HTML validation is done properly and your all web pages appear correctly on all major browsers than you will be able to reach larger audience. This will definitely increase the potential and popularity of the website which in turn leads to more visitors visiting your website turning to potential customers and increasing your sales.

So these are the major benefits which can be obtained by proper HTML validation of the website.

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