Large Mens Clothes For Men. Finally.Large Mens Clothes For Men. Finally.

As more and more of us get bigger and taller why is it that we can still not find big and tall mens clothing in stores? Whilst we may not find it in stores, there are options to buy it online. Here we explore why you cant find clothes, well we rather rant, then we end with being able to find a solution. That is to buy online. Whilst public figures likes Dawn French are using their status to bring bigger clothing for women to the forefront, us men are being left behind. It’s not a time to threat though, thankfully we are now being take seriously.

For any of you who are like me, that is bigger, understands what it is like going into a store finding size zero ‘nothings’ looking at clothes, and trying them on, only to find nothing for your self. Bigger maybe one thing, being big and tall though is more difficult and very difficult when you are trying to find big and tall mens clothing.

Whilst I have no hang ups about how i look and i consider myself to be a somewhat confident person, i do find it a little disconcerting when i go into town on a Saturday and find nothing that will fit me and not finding a section in a department store for big and tall menswear. You would think that the market demands mean that there will be ample clothes for big and tall men.

Not so though. The fashion industry is said to be worth over $300 billion dollars (£184) and the person who sits at the head of this fashion empire and considered by some to be the single most important person in the industry is: Miss Anna Wintour; the editor in chief of American vogue. Understandably, with her rather thin framed and model like figures which grace the covers of her’s and almost all other glossy magazines, it is rather unlikely that she seems to be pushing the market for big and tall mens clothing.

Public figures like Dawn French have taken the task on themselves. She brought out her line sixteen47. She caters to the female market, which is great. What about us bigger and taller gents though?

Thankfully, some clever people out there, or, other big and tall men have realised the problem and have banded together to provide clothes for us. Now, after doing a quick search through google you will find ample big and tall mens clothing sites and you will be able to find something for you. There are extensive ranges on the market, trousers which are long enough and wide enough, shirts which are the right length.

Then there is all of the casual stuff that we need. Jogging bottoms, polo shirts, t-shirts, lounge pants. There really is ample choice. If you are a staunch internet shopper like I am you will have no problem buying stuff online.
by Jamie Pullock
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Jamie Pullock, a self proclaimed big and tall man, talks, or rather rants, about Large mens clothes and where to find it. Big and tall menswear

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