Carp Fishing TipsCarp Fishing Tips

Good carp fishing can be found in many different types of water. Many find rivers to provide some of the most challenging, but rewarding fishing. Being that many rivers connect directly with the ocean, it has been said that perhaps the largest carp in a given river may reside in the stretch between the beginning of the tidal influence and where the salinity becomes intolerable to the carp (exactly where this is is unknown, but some state water that is roughly half fresh and half salt is likely the limit).

Two simple tips are important to remember. First, carp are naturally spooky, so take care not to cause too many disruptions while fishing. Also, carp "hit" by taking the bait and swimming away quickly. To make sure you hook the fish without losing your rod, try keeping the bail of your reel open or in "free spool". This will let the carp run with you bait and not feel any drag resistance so you can get a good hookset.

Hooks size 2 to 6 are best. Line 8-12 lb test. Use stronger line in weedy waters for better control of the carp. Bobbers in most cases they are a bad idea. When they are used, a pencil bobber is the best choice. Avoid using large round bobbers since carp tend to drop a bait at the slightest resistance. Sinkers small split shot, slip sinkers, and egg sinkers are most commonly used. When using a lot of weight, use a slip or egg sinker so the carp will not feel resistance when it takes the bait.

Carp fishing does not require spending a bank-breaking amount of money. One can get started with a basic Ugly Stick (graphite rod) made by Shakespeare with a reel that holds at least 150 yards of 12 pound test line. Tackle needs include: a net, size 7 barrel swivels, strong and sharp hooks size 4 to 6.

Chumming is extremely important. Initially, chumming helps attract the carp into your area. Once, there, chumming is necessary to keep them in the area. A good mixture of chum is also important. It is best to use a chum mixture that consists of something that will do each of the following: immediately work its way to the bottom, gradually sink, and disintegrate over time. There are a few devices that carp anglers use to get the chum out including sling shots, scoops with extension arms, and devices that can be casted.

Popular baits include canned corn and homemade doughball concoctions in the USA. Doughballs come in a plethora of flavors. In the UK and Europe anglers commonly use a bait known as boilies, which are made from milk proteins, eggs and artificial flavors, these are then boiled in water hence the name boilies.

Simple Carp DoughBall Recipe

Can of corn
Plain bread crumbs
1 c powdered milk

1. Mix plain bread crumbs with 1 cup of powdered milk.
2. Take the juice from the can of corn and add it to the mixture along with a few kernels.
3. Add water to until you get a mix that will bind together.

1-2-3 Doughball Recipe

1 cup sugar
2 cups white flour
3 cups cornmeal.

1. Mix the ingredients in a large bowl. Slowly add water and mix to the desired consistency. If the dough needs stiffening, add more flour and cornmeal. To thin it, add more water.

2. Flatten the ball, wrap it in a cloth bag, and place it in boiling water for 20 minutes.

3. Cool the dough, then put it in a plastic bag and refrigerate.

To add other fillers, blend them in before cooking. For scents, knead them in after cooking, once the mixture cools enough to handle.

by Jay Bryce
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Jay Bryce is a community manger at has fishing and local information for over 40,000 lakes and  fishing areas in the United States. Information includes current  weather and forecasts, best times fishing charts, maps, local businesses, Fishing Store and more.

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